Greetings! I trust you and your family are staying healthy through these difficult times. 

We are diligently working on the production and distribution of The Engagement Project. As you are probably aware, this is a small-group video series that is the next step in my biblical worldview teaching so far, including The Truth Project, Cross Examine, Who Is Jesus?, and Is Genesis History?

Much has happened in recent months, the most significant being the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown of much of the United States economy. 

This has certainly made it interesting for us as we try to roll out a small group study when gatherings are discouraged or prohibited. However, with the Lord’s guidance and grace, we are continuing on, though we are making some changes to our plans for live training sessions in the near future.

First, we are pleased to inform you that the editing process has gone very well. We have worked closely with Compass Cinema in Nashville, and we anticipate a final product suitable for small groups this summer. We also continue to work on a significant, integrated online support for the group leaders and participants.

Our initial plans were to begin live training sessions in June, but the current COVID restrictions have led us to postpone the rollout until late August. It pains us to do this, but believe it is prudent. 

We will reschedule the summer events and instead run some beta groups to help us smooth out the online support. We will provide timely event registration information at In this period of uncertainty, we may need to make further changes to our plans, all subject to God’s leading and timing, of course.

We again want to thank you for your support. Because of our community’s generosity, we are within $300,000 of reaching our needs for full rollout of The Engagement Project. That is remarkable and all thanks go to you and the Lord's provision.

Your continued prayers are appreciated as we prepare for the launch of this important program.

May God bless you and keep you safe during the current health situation and restrictive lifestyle. Remember, it is in these kind of moments that the light of Christ in you shines its brightest. Be a people of hope!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Dr. Del Tackett

Truth Encounter Ministries

P.S. If you haven't taken a few minutes to view our trailers for the Engagement Project, be sure to take a look. You can access  one right here and throughout the site: