by Marc Fey


A Week That Exceeded Expectations!

If you have stayed connected to Dr. Tackett over the past few years by reading his blogs, visiting and/or, or catching him at one of his many teaching engagements, then it is no surprise to you that theaters sold out last week for the showing of "Is Genesis History?"

In fact, organizers scrambled last minute to add theaters, increasing the number from 400 to over 700, and then in an unprecedented move, held the movie over for 2 more weeks, scheduling showings for March 2nd and 7th.

In this beautifully produced two-hour documentary, Dr. Del Tackett serves as the viewer's guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—along the way interviewing scientists and experts in the areas of biology, archeology, geology, astronomy, and ancient biblical texts to investigate the scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.

It is a fascinating and thought-provoking look at what the Bible reveals to us about the earliest days of earth's history.

Here is where you and I come in. Would consider supporting Del in 1 or more of these 3 practical ways--

  1. If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it, and bring a group with you! You can find tickets in your area here:
  2. If you have seen the movie, let your friends know what you thought, through your day-to-day interactions, through Facebook and other social media, and any other creative ways you can think of, encouraging others to see the movie. Be sure to include the website link to help folks find tickets in their neighborhood.
  3. Tell us what you thought about the movie. Come back to this blog post and share your thoughts about the movie in the comments section below. I know Del would LOVE to hear your thoughts about the movie, Is Genesis History? You can also post your comments to social media, which would also be a big help in getting the word out.

Thanks ahead of time for your support. The Truth Project community from the beginning has been known as a group of motivated, enthusiastic, and determined leaders who extend themselves out of love for God's people.

What a blessing for us to walk more closely together in this season, as we pray and look forward to the new things God is doing in our midst!





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  • Peter Grass

    I would really, really like to see this film! Unfortunately, I have a commitment every Thursday night (church choir rehearsal) that makes that impossible. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD that I hope will be following before too long.
  • Jim Cooper

    Thank you for producing this. I have been studying science and the Bible for about 5 years now and have found that it has reconnected the Bible to the cosmos for me in wonderful ways. I am familiar with a lot of scientists who work in this field but you found many who I was not aware of and it is exciting to me that more and more are taking this position which I whole heartedly believe is where the entire church should be at to begin with. I was speaking with someone at my BSF chapter this week who I had talked with previously about this perspective and he told me this time that he had never spoken with any educated person before who held the literal Genesis view. I told him about the additional viewings this week and next and encouraged him to attend. I also spoke to our leader about it and he was aware of it and was trying to figure out how to attend. It is ultimately a matter of Scriptural authority and hopefully believers come to see that and surrender to God in deeper ways than ever before. (there's always room for greater obedience to Jesus as Lord. When I was in business I heard in a quality seminar that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. They meant it differently than we think of it but it still holds true in many ways for believers as well….we just have to remember I John 1: 8 - 10) I love that solid scientists in the creationist field start with the Bible and trust whatever it says about a particular scientific issue and then do science from that revelation. All truth is Gods' and anything propositionally true will not oppose Him but rather affirm His rightful position as Creator God and Lord of the Universe! So much biblical criticism in our time has dampened and filled with doubt the faith of fellow believers and a production like yours gives their compromised view of Scripture a serious shot in the arm. I have tried for the last few years to uphold and promote this view in my local church and it is gaining traction. All praise to God!!! I have to say that the Truth Project about 5-6 years ago was the starting point for all of this for me. R C Sproul made a comment that we live in an intellectually challenged time and that to really grow we must do the work of learning the Truth so it can then filter down to our hearts. That is so true! Thank you again for publicly taking this stand and dispersing these truths into our truth starved church and American culture.
  • Nichole Kaiser

    The entire documentary was so well done! I have enjoyed all of what I have seen and heard from Del. Thank you for your commitment to truth and your faithfulness to God. Two things struck me as I walked out of the theater last week: 1. While the documentary clearly shot down the theory of evolution, it did so not by attacking evolution and evolutionist, but by pursuing the truth spoken through creation. It wasn't a he said she said stance but a statement from what nature is telling us of what God did. 2. Through Del's humility and tenacity to tell the truth ultimately it brought no attention to him nor did it worship the creation. Attention was brought to the Creator of the universe. God received the glory! We all were lead in worship of our great God through the movie! Thank you Del and everyone else who had a part in sharing God's story with us!
  • Cheryl Caraglior

    Loved the movie! It was professional and beautiful and an excellent tool to equip believers and unbelievers alike with the truth. Please put it out on DVD so that this wonderful material can be spread even further.
  • Kathy Bruns

    I thought it was a little too long but the content and photography was fabulous. Stressing that these are two views of history, rather than science vs. religion, is a great idea. The movie has already opened doors of discussion for me with family members so thank you!!
  • Michael Slocum

    I have seen the movie. Bravo. Looking forward to buying several copies of the DVD to distribute as gifts
  • Jay Hobbs

    I was able to make it, with my family, to the second showing and have encouraged others to go. Understanding and sharing the reason for our faith is a priority for me. I TEND toward an old-earth belief, but I hold the view lightly. I believe Del puts forward a very good case, with grace and love, avoiding the creation of divisions among believers, while building (or even simply identifying) bridges between science and the Bible.
  • Tyler Hawkins

    The content of this film really impressed me. Going in, I had minor skepticism that the information presented would be too scriptural - that is to say, it would have to heavy of an emphasis on strictly the biblical account in such a way that would alienated those who are not already Christians. As such I was pleasantly surprised with the approach taken in the movie: that 2 paradigms exist for interpreting modern day evidences. The first being that of conventional/evolutionary science, and the second being a blend between a biblical and historical perspective. When all available evidence is examined objectively, it becomes clear that the biblical/historical paradigm is not only just a potential valid perspective, but is the superior one as well. Very well done, and would love to see more documentaries on this broad topic as well as one dealing more specifically with the historical evidences of Jesus.
  • Tom Haan

    When will it be available in DVD format for small group study?
  • Nile Abele

    My wife and I and another couple saw the movie "Is Genesis History?" on March 2nd. Incredible movie. So much Truth in the movie. Excellent! I want to watch it at least 3-4 more times and take notes on the scriptures they use throughout the movie.

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