Reaching Out to the Family

There is a very large family of us (millions of people, in fact) who have been blessed by God through the worldview teaching of Dr. Del Tackett.

Each series has required a significant investment of resources, which organizations have invested as each project was produced (Focus on the Family for The Truth Project, for example). Yet this time God has given us a new approach.

A Simple Plan

Here is our simple and humble plan: everyone gives a little bit--loose change and dollar bills--to the the Engagement film budget. (Of course, you can give more as God might lead you). 

It is a simple idea, and we believe God has led us to this plan.

ProNow that the classroom filming is complete, we are excited for what's ahead in 2020--conferences, small and large gatherings. In fact, we are looking forward to meeting many of you in person in 2020.

Stay in Touch

Stay close to the conversation to hear about upcoming events and gatherings (be sure to register if you're not yet a member of the / Truth Encounter community.

Thank you for considering being a part of the team.