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Truth Encounter Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating biblical worldview resources which prepare the Body of Christ to be salt and light to our neighbors and the culture.  Dr. Del Tackett is well known for teaching the Truth of God's Word through such efforts as The Truth Project, Cross Examine, Is Genesis History? and other series.

In order to add to that worldview content, Truth Encounter Ministries has produced The Engagement Project, Dr. Tackett's newest series for small group study.  We thank all the donors who through their generosity helped produce The Engagement Project.  All future gifts to Truth Encounter Ministries will go to conducting Engagement Project Seminars and to the production of additional worldview content, including the much anticipated Restoration Project. 

Truth Encounter Ministries is a recognized non-profit organization in the state of Colorado and a 501(c)(3), an IRS approved non-profit organization. For more information on Truth Encounter Ministries, you can learn more by clicking HERE.  You can give the way you prefer-- by Check, Credit Card, Stock Donations, or Qualified Charitable Distributions.

Special Note – Please read:

Effective January 1, 2021, Truth Encounter Ministries (TEM) is no longer soliciting donations from residents of some States.  The registration efforts and expense are significant in these states.  While you are still permitted to give if you are from one of the states below, the states that TEM is not soliciting donations from and is not registered to solicit contributions in are:

Alabama Mississippi Utah
Alaska New Hampshire Virginia
Connecticut North Dakota Washington
Hawaii Rhode Island West Virginia
Maryland Tennessee Wisconsin
Michigan Florida Pennsylvania


To Give By Check:

Checks for Truth Encounter Ministries may be sent to:

Truth Encounter Ministries
6920 Waterwood Ct.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Donations by check will allow the ministry to avoid the 3.5% fee for receiving donations via credit card.

To Give Stock or Qualified Charitable Distributions: 

Appreciated Stock – Donations of appreciated stock are a good way for donors to receive a charitable deduction in the amount of the market value of the stock at the time of donation.  In addition, ALL capital gains taxes are avoided by the donor on the gains in the stock value.  Stocks may be donated to the Truth Encounter Ministries account with Charles Schwab and Co.  Contact your accountant, account custodian or financial manager for more information.

Account Name:  Truth Encounter Ministries
Account Number:  1215-8169
DTC Number:  0164
Schwab Phone:  1-800-435-4000

Qualified Charitable Distributions – The SECURE Act of 2020 has made changes to the law affecting Individual Retirement Arrangements, IRAs.  Required Minimum Distributions, RMD, are now required to begin in the year the owner turns 73, for those born after December 31, 1950.  The new Act still allows individuals who are over 70 ½ years old, to make Qualified Charitable Distributions, QCDs, from their IRAs, as in earlier legislation. Each IRA owner can give up to $100,000 per year.  These QCDs qualify as RMD (if required) for the year and are NOT declared as income, nor used in itemized deductions.  Contact your accountant, account custodian or financial manager for more information.

To Give By Credit Card