What is involved in hosting?
Here are details describing a successful partnership. Each event is unique, so a conversation is the best first step.

Your Team + Our Team

1. Senior Pastor / Staff Support: It is important that there is a decision-maker at the senior pastoral team level to make sure there is a clear line of authority and support. We will, at every step, follow the guidelines that your pastor/pastoral staff have given us.

2. Registration Leader & Team: One person who will manage the check-in process on the day of the event. We'll train your leader.

3. Facilities Leader and/or Staff Member to receive the A/V and equipment shipment and get our team situated for setting up.

4. A/V & Technical Expert (may be the same team member), with deep knowledge of the host church's audio visual and sound systems.

5. Set-Up Volunteers: 2-3 volunteers on Friday morning will help our team to set up the Welcome & Registration area (just inside the church entry way) and the stage area.

6. Greeters: 2-3 volunteers on the day of the training event (Saturday) to help folks find their seats, return from breaks, and in general helping everyone to feel welcomed. 

7. Lunch Volunteer: 1-2 volunteers to order the lunch for Saturday (box lunches) 24 hours in advance of the event, pick up the box lunches the morning of the event, and help set up the lunch area.

8. Pack-Up Volunteers: 2-3 volunteers on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of the event to help pack up equipment and other conference materials.

9.  Facilities Leader and/or Staff Member to be available for A/V and Equipment shipment following the training event.


Your Connections

1. In the event we do a pastors' luncheon prior to the training, sponsoring and/or helping with a Pastors & Leaders Luncheon

2. Inviting other churches, especially at the pastor level to attend and/or send small group leaders and pastors to attend training.

3. Connections to Truth Project folks in the greater faith community (who have gone through The Truth Project), to help us get the word out.


Your Facility & Other Requirements

1. Stage requirements: Minimum 30' wide and 15' deep (due to rear projection for two projectors). 

2. Seating requirements: Minimum of 200 seats based upon our current attendance numbers. This requirement may increase if we see in increase in our average attendance.

3. Proximity in the community: In order to draw folks from across the area.

4. Sound and technical requirements: These are discussed in our first exploration meeting.

5. Our A/V set up connecting with yours: Primarily, we are linking into your sound system, but all of the video is run through our A/V set up.

6. Lunch area: An area to serve and eat lunch.


Interested in Hosting an Engagement Project Event?

To speak with one of our Truth Encounter Ministries team members about the possibility of hosting an Engagement Project Training, please fill out this form.

Timeline of Activities

1. Kick-Off call, at the time of scheduling, or at least 60-90 days in advance of event.

2. Check off on all requirements (see previous section)

3. Equipment arrives: Thursday, 2 days before the event.

4. EP Team & Volunteers Set up, Friday from 10am to 3pm.

5. Registration / Check-In area is set up

6. Order box lunches on Thursday or early Friday.


Day of the Training & Following

1. Registration pages printed, for the morning of registration

2. Walk up registration process, beginning at 8:00am.

3. Coffee, water, etc set out, by 8:30am preferably

4. Lunch is picked up and delivered to training venue, by 11am (lunch is from 11:15 to 11:45).

5. End of Training, volunteers help to pack up. Equipment is stored on church campus in a secure location.

6. Monday, shipping company comes to receive shipment; one staff member with shipment paper work is there to meet the driver for pick up.

Hosting an Engagement Project training was one of the most meaningful things we have done in our church. Dr. Tackett's live teaching exceeded our expectations.

-- Tami