Welcome to the Truth Encounter Community…

this is your community.  

We have had the desire to create a place like this for many years.  Our goal is simple: to provide a place for "the family" to gather together for encouragement and connection and to have ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.

We care about biblical truth and the health of the Body of Christ and our culture. But these things can’t be achieved if we remain isolated. That is what the enemy wants, because isolated we will remain sick. It is the reason Jesus spoke so often of our unity and oneness. This is what He desires and this is what He will bless.

It is critically important, therefore, that we band ourselves together…for encouragement, for sharpening each other, to challenge one another, to joyfully carry out all of the “one another” commands that we, as the Body of Christ, have been given. And, we want to invite others into a grand discussion of God’s nature and character.  

We really mean this…this is your community.  As you spend time on the website, you'll discover that we have provided a very robust and powerful way for you to connect with others, to wrestle with specific issues and topics that others care about as well. You can keep up to date on fresh content, launch your own group on specific topics or purposes or for getting together with people in your geographical area.

We live in a world that is going to increasingly try to isolate those who really “get it”.  Whether you are struggling to find connection with others or are simply looking to band together with others who share a vision to see our lives, families, churches, communities--culture even--transformed by God, this site is for you.

You are not alone on this journey toward knowing and experiencing the nature of God and His truth…and importantly, your role in this world. Let's walk together.

We would like to highlight a few things you can do inside your community:


Read stories shared by others in the community or share your own story.

Share your story


Host your small group through Del's website and utilize these great group tools.

Host a Small Group


Connect with others similar to you such as others in your professional field.

Explore Affinity Groups


Stay up to date with Del with his blog.

Read Del's Blog


Search Del's extensive library of content postings.

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Join or launch an online discussion group and make this community smaller.

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Connect with others in the community just like you.

Connect with Others


Search the directory of churches and organizations passionate about biblical worldview.

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