Praying for The Engagement Project Conferences

Stand with us in prayer to make the 2023 Engagement Project Conferences Abundantly Fruitful


  • Thank you for praying with us. First, let's give thanks for all the Lord has accomplished in the lives of 5,000+ leaders and hundreds of groups around the country (and a growing number of countries around the world).
  • Pray that in 2023, the Lord would raise up an exponential number of leaders through the EP groups currently underway.
  • Ask for protection for our leaders and their group members, for safe places to wrestle with the truth claims of Christ.
  • And...Lift up the leaders at the Dickinson, ND conference on January 21. Pray that the Lord would prompt every leader called to be there, making sure they get to the conference!

Can't make it to the live training? No problem.
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Dr. Tackett's Teaching:

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Dr. Tackett shares teaches God's Word from a Biblical worldview standpoint, coming back over and over to the divine character and nature of God.


See how the headlines we read every day connect to an understanding of how God's Word applies to all of life, answering the question, Why should I do?


As important as understanding the times we live in, you'll get actionable steps to live a courageous life. Dr. Tackett brings God's Word to every day life.

" What a beautiful thing it is to hear and know that God has been working so greatly in the filming of the Engagement Project and how lives have already begun to change. My own life was challenged, impacted, and changed by what I learned at [your live teaching of] the Engagement Project."  Robin, Kansas