Our Students in the Engagement Project

A Special Message from Del on about the Engagement Project

Truth Seekers,

I am very excited about creating another set of tours…maybe more excited about this one than any of the others. It is the continuation of the worldview tours that we have taken together and will, again, turn our eyes upon the Face of God. I’m looking forward to our journey as we walk it side by side.

Our previous worldview tours were relatively easy. This one may not be. I hope it buckles our knees in awe, but more likely, it will trouble us. And I hope it troubles us deeply. I hope it rocks our status quo. We need that.

And so, we will again be asking that you do this in a small group, in your home, if possible, and dedicate yourself to praying for your guests. I am convinced that this is the reason we have seen God do such amazing work. We will be asking God, once again, to deeply transform us to radically conform us more to His image and in so doing, to possibly begin the transformation of our culture.

But it must begin with us.

I have been working on this for numerous years and we have encountered, not surprisingly, our full share of bumps in the road. But these are the mere crucibles in which the Lord molds us and gives us His wise counsel and has now placed us in the greatest position possible to see this become a reality.

That position, however, is going to require that we do this together.

I believe the content is ready and have been teaching it in various forms for several years. But it is another thing to put that content into a DVD set and streaming video format  that can be used in your living room with your guests. The filming and production of this magnitude and with the kind of excellence that we must pursue requires a large bag of shekels. That is just the plain reality that we have to deal with.

For a number of reasons, I believe that the Lord wants us to make this happen through a fairly “radical” approach. And that is to gather together a million people that can fill that bag with pocket change. I would like for this to be “our” project.

My desire is for us to create this next series through the banding together of the amazing people that I have met all over the world…people in which God has done His awesome work. In gathering ourselves together, we will be able to encourage one another and pray as the Lord brings about another major work in our lives and in the culture around us.

All for His Glory!

Soli Deo Gloria

– Del