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May 31

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 151 (5/31) – Leviticus 2:1-16; 5:1-13; Hebrews 6:13-20

I was struck by the closing verse of our passages today, that Jesus is our High Priest. We don’t need an intermediator. We go straight to Him. When we find ourselves in the wrong, He is there to listen to our repentant hearts.

May 30

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 150 (5/30) – Leviticus 10:1-20; 5:14-19; Hebrews 5:11-6:12

Contemplate the holiness of God in these difficult passages today. We live in times where we believe we can declare our own truth and make our own standards of righteousness. Let us not be pulled into that. This verse struck me today: “Drink no wine or strong drink… when you go into the tent of meeting, lest you die.” What struck you?

May 29

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 149 (5/29) – Leviticus 9:1-24; Numbers 9:1-14

It is truly said that the Old Testament everywhere points us forward to Jesus. Here, the very first tabernacle service brings our thoughts to sin and atonement and the dramatic acceptance of the sacrifice by God. So, too, the Passover. Although it pointed backward, we know that it also pointed forward to Jesus and now points us forward to His return. (You may find the video on Leviticus very helpful.)

May 28

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 148 (5/28) – Numbers 8:1-26

As you read today, remind yourself that we, who are in Christ, are called a “royal priesthood”. I was reminded, as I read Numbers 8:21, “And the Levites purified themselves from sin and washed their clothes” of the passage in Revelation 7:14: “These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” 

May 27

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 147 (5/27) – Leviticus 8:1-36; Hebrews 4:14-5:10

As you read the verses of the ordination of Aaron and his sons, continually think of Jesus as the sacrifice made for us and His role as a Priest forever. These thoughts struck me deeply today–the blood of Christ applied to my head, my hands, my feet. 

May 26

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 146 (5/26) – Numbers 7:78-89; Psalm 29:1-11; Hebrews 4:1-13

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name…” Oh, how much this needs to be the cry of our culture! For “no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

May 25

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 145 (5/25) – Numbers 7:60-77; Psalm 95:1-11; Hebrews 3:1-19

Yesterday we read the argument that Jesus was greater than the angels. Today we read that He is greater than Moses. Let us not harden our hearts before Him, though there is so much in our world today that calls us to do so.

May 24

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 144 (5/24) – Psalm 104:1-35; Hebrews 2:1-18

Today we are treated to the wonder of God and His works, from the physical world to the great salvation of Christ. Let it bless you as you cry with the Psalmist: “Bless the Lord, O my soul!”

May 23

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 143 (5/23) – Psalm 2:1-12; 45:1-17; 97:1-12; Hebrews 1:1-14

Great verses today pointing us to the Son of God, His majesty, and His Bride. Not coincidentally, we are also about to read, in our series on the resurrection, of the “Son”: [click here]. (If you want a good overview of Hebrews, watch the video.)

May 22

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 142 (5/22) – Numbers 7:36-59; 9:15-23

Days 5 through 8, the chiefs from Simeon, Gad, Ephraim and Manasseh bring the prescribed offerings to the Tabernacle. Imagine the scene in your mind. Can you picture the nation waiting for the cloud to lift, as God signals it is time to move on?

May 21

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 141 (5/21) – Numbers 7:1-35

Today we begin to look at what the chief of each of the twelve tribes of Israel brought to the Tabernacle as an initial offering. As you read through these verses, imagine the reverence with which these offerings were made and how you might have felt as a chief bringing these offerings while the presence of God in the pillar of cloud rested over the Tabernacle.

May 20

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 140 (5/20) – Psalm 78:40-72; Mark 4:35-41;  Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25

Can you imagine being in that boat, with a storm raging, thunder and lightning, howling winds, the boat swamping… and Jesus simply commands it all to be calm and the sea instantly becomes like glass and the air dead still? Can you imagine what that would do to you? It really did happen and the event should affect us the same way today. He showed that omnipotence to the children of Israel, and the Psalmist bemoans that it wore off so rapidly that they soon rebelled against Him. May we guard ourselves against quickly forgetting Him as the world attempts to beguile us every second of every day.

May 19

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 139 (5/19) – Psalm 78:1-39; Matthew 13:31-52

We are presented again today with the reality that there are those who will taste and see the “pearl of great price” but will “not believe in God” and “flatter Him with their mouths”; these are “sons of the evil one”. But for those of us who are in Christ, rejoice, for the Kingdom is worth absolutely everything!


May 18

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 138 (5/18) – Exodus 40:1-38; Mark 4:30-34; Matthew 13:24-30

I am struck by several things today, accompanied by the images before us. All of the pieces and parts to the tabernacle were made and then assembled in one day. It literally sprang up before the people. Can you imagine the image and reality that they witnessed the presence of God in the cloud by day and the fire by night? How could they possibly rebel against that? Well, we then have the imagery given to us that the kingdom will be filled with both wheat and weeds, yet it grows and grows. Selah!

May 17

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 137 (5/17) – Exodus 39:8-43; Mark 4:21-29

I believe it is important for those who are in Christ to read the passages concerning the way God set apart the priest and adorned him for his work, to remember that you are considered a “royal priesthood”, a “kingdom of priests”, a “holy priesthood”, “priests of God”. Through Christ, He has so adorned you. It is also appropriate to ponder how the lampstand is not to be hidden. This is true in both the good times and the hard.

May 16

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 136 (5/16) – Exodus 39:1-27; Psalm 38:1-22; 2 Corinthians 7:2-16

There is a great difference when the sin of a believer and the sin of the non-believer are revealed. The first results in godly repentance. The second results in all kinds of further rebellion: anger, arrogance, blame, confrontation, denial… self-righteousness. David and the Corinthians responded well. The world does not. Do not be surprised by this.

May 15

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 135 (5/15) – Exodus 38:1-31

As I am writing this, thunder is booming continually around our house. One was so close, it shook the windows and knocked the power out. It has been doing so all night, which is very unusual in the Rockies. But it makes me think of Bezalel making all of this at the base of Mount Sinai and the rumbling that was so terrible the people were terrified of it and Moses said “I tremble with fear!” (Hebrews 12:21) That chapter ends with this: “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.” Think of these things as we, too, are workmen who handle the holy things of God (truth and love) in an unholy world.

May 14

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 134 (5/14) – Exodus 37:1-29

Wouldn’t it have been something to be Bezalel’s assistant? Fetching materials, handing him tools, watching this craftsman build and sculpt the holy things designed by God? It is easy to breeze through these verses without contemplating that they took place in a real time, in a real place, with real people.

May 13

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 133 (5/13) – Exodus 36:8-38; 2 Corinthians 6:3-7:1

I am struck today by the oneness of Scripture. As we read of the Tabernacle being expertly crafted by the design and purposes of God, so we read that we are the Temple of God and He dwells within us. The final verse today is worth reading twice: “Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.”

May 12

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 132 (5/12) – Exodus 35:30-36:7; 2 Corinthians 5-6:2; Psalm 130:1-8

It is amazing to me how God equips His people for His work: from craftsman to ambassadors. He has made us new creatures. Yes, just as the tabernacle was temporary, so is our earthly, fallen body. But, “He who has prepared us for this very thing is God” and “So, we are always of good courage.” May this be ever before us in the times in which we live.

May 11

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 131 (5/11) – Exodus 35:4-29; 2 Corinthians 4:1-18; Psalm 116:1-19

Nothing could be more needed for the Body of Christ today than the truth we find in these passages. God is working through each of us and even though the god of this world has blinded the eyes of the unbeliever, we “do not lose heart”. God is faithful and although our “clay jars” are so very fragile, we carry within the “treasure” that is the light of Christ.

May 10

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 130 (5/10) – Exodus 34:1-35:3; 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

This is an amazing text today. The glory that caused Moses' face to shine was fading away, so he wore a veil. For those in Christ, it never fades. This is worthy of great praise and wonder.

May 9

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 129 (5/9) – Exodus 33:1-23; 2 Corinthians 2:5-3:6

Our text today is very challenging. God is gracious to whom He will be gracious. Paul quotes from this in Romans 9:15. God can stoop to be in a form that He can speak with Moses face to face, but the fullness of His glory is so beyond our fallen state that we cannot completely behold Him. Yet, in one of my favorite passages from 2 Corinthians today, we are privileged to not only know Him, because of Christ, but also to bear the fragrance of that knowledge everywhere we go.

May 8

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 128 (5/8) – Exodus 32:1-35

Today we have the infamous rebellion of the people, led by Aaron, of making the golden calf. God cannot be surprised by this, of course, and so it becomes a test of the heart of Moses who responds with intercession. I laugh, because it is all you can do, at Aaron’s pathetic, child-like lie that he simply threw the gold into the fire and a “calf popped out”. After all God had done for the people, this is such a sad, yet telling event of how fallen man continually rebels against God.

May 7

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 127 (5/7) – Exodus 30:34-31:18

Bezalel is a favorite OT character to me because it affirms what we read in Deuteronomy 8:18, “But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth…” God gave the design, provided the raw materials, and then gave the skill and ability to Bezalel and others to make the Tabernacle and everything in it. It is so important for us to never, ever lose sight of the truth that we owe all to Him “in whom we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). The 7-day cycle of work six days followed by a solemn day of rest is unfortunately lost in our times, to our peril.

May 6

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 126 (5/6) – Exodus 30:1-33; 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:4

The videos are again helpful to us, though, as you may note, they may not perfectly reflect what was instructed. But the thrust of all of this is clear, God is providing for His people, though it is merely a shadow, an understanding that He is Holy. It may be of great benefit to us, as we read about the altar of incense, to keep in mind that we know from Revelation 5 that the incense before the Lord in the golden bowls are the “prayers of God’s people”. May this be an ever-present picture in our minds when we pray.

May 5

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 125 (5/5) – Exodus 29:1-46; 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

Our Exodus passage ends this way: “ I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God. And they shall know that I am the Lord their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I might dwell among them. I am the Lord their God.” In all that we have seen God command Moses to do, with the Tabernacle and the priests and the sacrifices, it conveys to the people that God is Holy, yet He is choosing to dwell in their midst. Jesus performed all of this for us so that now the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit dwell within us. Oh, my!

May 4

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 124 (5/4) – Exodus 28:6-43; Luke 8:9-18

The videos will again help you visualize the commands given to Moses. Think about how precise God is in the design of all of this and how He is preparing His people with an understanding of His nature, in particular, that He is Holy and cannot be approached or even understood without the grace of God. This is the message we have found as Jesus explains why He spoke in parables.

May 3

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 123 (5/3) – Exodus 27:1-28:5; Mark 4:10-20

Again, I suggest you watch the videos first to help visualize what Moses was commanded to build. A good illustration of the Tabernacle and Court is here. Note that one of the illustrations has cherubim on the outer court entrance, but the directions did not call for them to be there. It would be a good discussion for you to have as to why not.

May 2

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 122 (5/2) – Exodus 26:1-37; Matthew 13:10-23

If you can, it may be best to view the videos first. This will give you a visual of what God is instructing Moses to craft for the Tabernacle. An illustration from the ESV Study Bible is also good: here. Note the prominence of the cherubim figures that are woven into most of the fabric. It makes me think of the garden of Eden after the fall when the cherubim blocked the way back in. The cherubim were not woven into the outer veil, but on the veil before the Most Holy Place. God is now providing the first step in that way back to Him and it will be eventually removed in Christ. The parables are a form of this barrier as well. Only through the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit will we be able to understand and draw near to Him.

May 1

Dr. Tackett's Daily Comment

Day 121 (5/1) – Exodus 25:10-40

What a great way to start our 5th month of reading together. I pray this has been as much a blessing to you as it has been to me. Keep in mind as you read today’s passage, that it ends with these words: “see that you make them after the pattern for them, which is being shown you on the mountain”. God was not only telling Moses what He wanted him to do, but He was showing him. Hebrews 8:5 tells us that all of this was “a copy and shadow of what is in heaven”. And notice how much of the design in the Tabernacle seems to point us back to Eden. We will see that over and over again as we go forward.

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