I am more and more convinced that it is all about relationships. All the diverse pieces and parts of the entire universe are found and bound up in some form of relationship. It is the mark of God’s nature upon His creation.

That is why, I believe, He has so blessed the small groups around the world, and why Jesus emphasized the unity of the Body of Christ. He wants us to be bound together.

Hopefully, you are doing that in your home church because the world, the flesh and the enemy, not to mention the negative use of technology, are isolating us. Yes, we may be “connected” through social media and smart phones, but we are increasingly lonely. 

We want to provide the means for you to build relationships with others who not only “get it” but those who also share your vocation or life situation or ministry passion.

Therefore, we ask you to consider “joining” our Truth Encounter Community. The process is fairly seamless, and it will cost you nothing, but it will involve answering a few questions that will help you identify those with whom you may want to engage in dialogue.

Maybe you want to dialogue with other parents who are wrestling with a special needs child or you want to engage with someone who shares your passion for philosophy or working to solve the human trafficking tragedy. Maybe you want to talk with a fellow plumber on the other side of the globe who shares your worldview.

Our vision is to build a place where people can share their expertise, research the burning social issues in our culture, figure out how to make a difference as God is calling each person, and provide a “go to” place for each person to be supported and mobilized.

Join us on this great journey.  

Soli Deo Gloria!

Del Tackett

Community Member


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