A Pastor's Story: How God is bringing transformation to a local church


Hear Pastor Steve Wells tell the story of how God is changing him and his church -- during an especially difficult time in his family's life -- through The Engagement Project. Your heart will be touched when you see how the Lord works! 

Monthly Webinars with Dr. Tackett


Dr. Tackett shares insights about how we can understand the times we live in.


See how a Biblical view applies to all  of life, including the headlines we read every day.


As important as understanding the times we live in, you'll get actionable steps to live a fruitful life.

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" What a beautiful thing it is to hear and know that God has been working so greatly in the filming of the Engagement Project and how lives have already begun to change. My own life was challenged, impacted, and changed by what I learned at [your live teaching of] the Engagement Project."  Robin, Kansas