The Power of Blue Media and Blue Journalism

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The role of media in a culture, especially in our modern world, is difficult to overstate. Quite frankly, it is huge and, I believe, it is THE MOST influential element in our society, bar none. Although it has become a tired cliché in Christian circles to complain about the media, this should not fool us into dismissing the reality of the incredible weight and sway that it carries. And, therefore, to not only better understand how and why things are happening in the culture around us, but to also guard ourselves, our families and one another against this most powerful, ubiquitous force that inundates our lives moment by moment.

Although the term “media” was originally used to describe the “medium” by which messages were communicated, i.e. the newspaper or the radio, it has exploded in modern times because the rise of technology has provided individuals and organizations capabilities to craft and deliver messages in a myriad of ways and forms. Long gone are the days when “media” had a small touch upon the American who might buy a newspaper if the headlines were bold or who might, in the evening after family supper, turn on the radio to hear Lawrence Welk or to possibly hear a news broadcast if war was breaking out. In addition, these were days, not perfect mind you, but days when the general population carried a fairly consistent and solid biblical worldview. They were more firm in their belief in God and in things that were right and things that were wrong.

Today, however, we are confronted with media messages everywhere and virtually at every moment. Media has sought to become omnipresent. Computer technology, the internet and now mobile devices have opened a 24/7 window into our lives through which streams an incessant flow of headlines, sports, entertainment, notices, communications, emails, tweets, instant messages, attachments, and links upon never-ending links to a bottomless pool of even more media content for your health, wealth, cooking, travel, political, gaming or any other mind-numbing, world-wide-web searching interest, where each Google query can give you millions of places to go and each of those places linking to a gazillion more places.

And we haven’t even mentioned yet the wealth of movies, videos, music, MP3-downloads, You-Tube, Facebook or the old-fashioned TV set, now upgraded to a screen that takes up half of your wall and a cable or satellite feed that brings you hundreds and hundreds of channels. If you want to sit and watch the life of another family going about its daily life rather than go about your own daily life, you can do so.

And as if this weren’t enough, we could look further and list the books and magazines and newspapers and billboards and advertisements that inundate virtually everything we have listed so far…they pop up continually on every electronic device we own.

It is everywhere…absolutely everywhere.

It is mind numbing.

But it is the messaging that we need to concern ourselves with, because the messages are the truth claims that bend our hearts and our souls…that seek to pull us into its mold.

And when the media becomes controlled by a worldview that is contrary to a biblical worldview, its ubiquitous presence can overwhelm us with false messages, both direct and indirect, blatant and subtle, conscious and unconscious.

This is the case that we face today with blue media. It seeks to squeeze us into its worldview mold. And, unfortunately, it is doing just that because along with its overwhelming presence, we have an increasing weakness in our faith in God and belief in moral absolutes. When these two are coupled together, you have a prescription for a culture that can be easily swayed by a single viral video or a few headlines or the right news anchor commentary. We have become a nation that is rootless, blown to and fro with every wind of teaching. And that teaching, or messaging, is coming primarily through blue media.

Have you been surprised by the rapid change of moral values in this nation? Are you surprised by way the Federal Government gets away with burying us under a debt of a hundred trillion dollars, or lawlessly thumbs its nose at the U.S. Constitution, or rules against the religious freedom of business owners, yet it remains completely unchallenged? Are you surprised that certain politicians can get away with things for which others would be thrown out or put in jail? Are you surprised when certain events get blown into superheated controversies and others are buried? Look no further than blue media and blue journalism.

For the Christian, we need to be cautious in several areas.

     Number one, we need to make sure that we don’t allow this to destroy our hope or our joy or our faith, or any other of the Christian characteristics that mark us as a disciple of Christ.

     Second, we need to recognize the danger that a blue media presents to us personally and to our families. I’m not in the prescribing business, but it would be wise to consider a survey of what your family and your children are consuming and how much. One of the most dangerous modern inventions for Christian families are private ear buds.

     And third, we need the encouragement of each other. The overwhelming presence and influence of a blue media and the modern world is more than you or I are able to handle by ourselves. We need to be obedient to the Lord and gather together with other believers for prayer, for contemplation, for encouragement, for edification.

There is a huge remnant in the land. Be encouraged by the faithfulness of the Lord. We remain for such a time as this!


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When a Culture Develops a Phobia of Truth... It Attacks Chick-fil-A
In the upcoming (hopefully and prayerfully) “Engagement” series, the first tour* will examine the rise of a phobia in our culture toward Truth… Truth with a capital “T” that is, for our culture is filled with little “t” truths… those truth claims that have their genesis in our own precious and special little hearts. We celebrate those truths so much that it borders on being a new cult… one in which the individual and the individual’s belief is elevated to something akin to divinity. To say “my heart tells me…” or “this is who I am…” is tantamount to speaking scripture and to speak against the feelings or desires of the individual is to be labeled with the culture’s current schoolyard names: bigot, hate-monger, intolerant, etc. etc. in hopes, as we did in grade school, that we can elevate our own significance and posture by sneering immature “put-downs” at our favorite “nobodies” and “deplorables”. It would be a grave mistake, as many Christians have done, to label what is happening here with things like “liberal” or “progressive” or “Democrat”. What we are witnessing is a wholesale attack upon truth that has infested much of the cultural powers. The New Democratic party has been deeply infected. But it isn’t the Party… it is the worldview. That worldview is one in which Transcendent Truth is no longer merely ignored nor just set aside so that we can go our own way. No… now there is a war against it. There is a hatred toward it… and a deep fear. An interview on several northwest campuses highlighted this fear. The interviewer, a 5’10” white guy, was trying to get university students to tell him that he wasn’t a 6’ 5” Chinese woman. Even though it was obvious to them, they were afraid to speak it, for to do so was to trump the individual’s declaration with something Transcendent… even that which was obviously real. So, last week, Daniel Piepenbring, writing in the New Yorker, decries the advent of a Chick-fil-A store to the City where, Daniel believes, it “doesn’t quite belong”. He writes that the store’s arrival “augurs worse than a load of manure on the F train”. Why? Is it because he believes there is something wrong with the chicken or the fries? Is it because the milkshakes carry a lot of calories? And, in a city that bans “Big Gulp” drinks in order to protect its citizens from consuming too much sugar, is the store simply out of “nutritional” step with New Yorkers? No. That isn’t why Piepenbring writes a scathing article against Chick-fil-A. It is because Chick-fil-A and its owners embrace a Transcendent Truth. Here is the caption under the article’s picture of the new store: “Chick-fil-A’s corporate purpose begins with the words “to glorify God,” and that proselytism thrums below the surface of its new Fulton Street restaurant.” Interesting, isn’t it? A corporate purpose that begins with “to glorify God” is viewed with distaste and is equated with one of the growing schoolyard taunts: “proselytism”? By the way, “proselytizing” is viewed as an attack upon the divineness of the individual, for It implies that the individual should be persuaded to a different way of thinking and living. In a culture that has made the individual divine, to say there is something wrong in the individual’s beliefs is to speak blasphemy and deserves a sentencing to the stocks… or worse. That is the tenor of the article. It is written with a sense of outrage, of seething anger and hatred toward an establishment, as Daniel states:  whose headquarters “are adorned with Bible verses”… Oh my! Or its stores have the audacity to “close on Sundays”… double Oh My! Then comes, of course, the thing that is probably stirring up the greatest phobia in Daniel, and that is the position of Dan Cathy, the CEO, who stood for “traditional marriage”. Our culture is in a war against Transcendent Truth and anyone who dares to stand for that Truth. If it is a transcendent truth about anything: sex, marriage, male and female, God, Jesus, salvation by Him alone, moral right and wrong… anything… you will be either opposed or openly hated by the cultural “elites”. Although the war against truth has been raging from the Garden, it has never been so openly waged in our culture as it is today. This is a recent phenomenon. But, there is a strong and faithful remnant in the land… take hope. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men revile you and say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Jesus, Matthew 5:10-11 Do everything in your power to live at peace in this culture, but don’t let it bully you into giving up the Truth. Jesus said He was the Truth. We will not turn away from Him, even if the beautiful people of Hollywood mock us, or the professors scorn us, or the NBA or NCAA move their games, or the state and the courts threaten us and close our stores, or even if a writer holds us in disdain and contempt. You are the light of the world. If you hide your light, then the whole house groans in darkness. We are a Remnant of Hope. Stand firm in Him.   *the Engagement: Tour 0: “In a Land of Nought—A Remnant of Hope”  
Court Rules: Baker Can't Say No; ACLU Calls it a Proud Day
A few miles up the road from me, in Lakewood, CO, a baker is fighting for what he believes is morally right. Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, declined to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple in 2013. The gay couple, rather than respecting his beliefs, took him to the authorities, because this isn’t about getting a cake or flowers or photos, this is about forcing you to bow the knee or pay tribute. In this case, as well as the numerous ones flaring up around the country, the court is not only wrong, but it’s ruling is flawed. The argument is that Phillips “discriminated” against the couple and that he was in violation of Colorado’s anti-discrimination law because he was “picking and choosing customers based upon their sexual orientation”. But this is in error. Phillips openly stated that he “has no problem serving gay people”. It is the purpose for the cake that violates his conscience, not the buyer. I suspect that even if his mother had asked him to bake a cake for a gay wedding, he would have said no because of his Biblical convictions. This isn’t discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation. The ACLU lawyer stated “no one should be turned away from a shop or restaurant because of who they are or who they love.” This is a false argument, because, first, they weren’t “turned away” like someone in the past might have turned away an Indian, a black man, a Jew or an Irishman. Phillips said he would have been happy for them to order or buy anything else in the shop. They weren’t “turned away”, they were denied a specific request. And second, most importantly, they weren’t refused this request because of “who they were or who they love”. It had nothing to do with them, it had everything to do with what was on the cake and its purpose. If the gay couple had asked for a cake with "Happy Birthday" on it, he would have made it. If they had asked for "Congratulations, Graduate", he would have made that also. But when he is asked to use his God-given talents to produce or support that which he believes is morally wrong, he is bound, before God, to say no. If the gay couple had asked him to portray a gay sex act or if a black heterosexual couple had asked him to portray a heterosexual act, does he not have the right to refuse both on personal moral grounds? In the argument of our courts today, he is in violation of the law if he refuses either, for he would be considered discriminating against gays and blacks. Does anyone in their right mind think that a black couple who requested this would take the baker to court? Of course not. Just as I would not do so if I went to a baker requesting a cake for my pork luau, and the baker told me he was sorry, for he was Muslim, and he could not in good conscience, depict a pig. I would ask his forgiveness that I had requested this of him, thank him for his honesty, and then seek out another baker.  Now, if Phillips had stated that he wouldn’t serve gay people at all, then I wouldn’t be supporting him either, because, although I personally think he has a right to refuse service to anyone, I think it would be contrary to a Christian worldview to show partiality. There is a difference between “discrimination and partiality” and partiality is morally wrong. After the court ruling, the ACLU called it a “proud day”. No doubt there was “dancing in the streets” by some. But this is not a proud day. This is a solemn other headlines trumpet the power of the courts over a florist in Washington, a photographer in New Mexico, county clerks in Kentucky and Tennessee, and another baker in Oregon, who is facing a $135,000 fine because it, too, violated her religious beliefs to support a gay wedding. Some have lost their shops; others are faced with losing their jobs, paying huge fines, and some…going to jail. A proud day? I don’t think so. I remember seeing pictures of people celebrating in the streets after 9-11. Some thought that was a proud day too. It wasn’t. I pray I will never celebrate knowing that someone else is grieving or losing something precious to them. Our President did this after the Supreme Court Oberfeldt ruling when he lit up the White House with rainbow colors while a large part of the nation was grieving. That was not a proud day, either. It was an unbecoming, "in your face" by a President. Christians should never do this. I suppose one may rationalize it on the football field, but in real life, we should be a people of compassion...resolute for truth and righteousness, but always gracious in victory. The courts and blue media and academia and Hollywood and much of civil government are aggressively against us...and against a Biblical worldview. It will most likely get even more difficult for us in the days ahead. But, despite this…there remains a huge remnant in the land. Take heart, take hope, take winsome and gracious, but firm, action. Pray, Remnant, Tuesdays Noon Eastern, for Revival.