Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Bigotry and Rejecting the Truth of Individual Depravity

When a culture rejects the truth of the depravity of man (a fallen, sinful nature), they are left with the difficult task of accounting for the existence of evil in the world. This inevitably leads to assuming that evil comes from something external to the individual.

Marxism and Wokeism, as did Maslow, points to social institutions as the source of evil: family, church, state, capitalism, etc.—an inherent, systemic source.

Critical Race Theory points to the color of skin and condemns a race of people as the source of evil—again something systemic in the whole of another race.

Without the truth regarding the real source of sin, evil will always create a stereotyped cause to be hated and despised, and in some cases, to be overthrown:

  • rather than seeing the sin in a bad cop that requires individual and specific justice, the entire law enforcement system will be stereotyped, BLM protesters will carry signs with “All Cops Are Bastards”, and entire police departments will be targeted for defunding and destruction
  • rather than acknowledging the sinfulness of some individual racists, all whites are considered the source of evil, oppression, privilege and made targets of derision and required to make forced “confessions”
  • if some, or even many, corporations act with heartless greed, the whole of capitalism is held up for dismantlement
  • if some men act sinfully, all maleness is labelled as “toxic”

This is real bigotry—not the “bigotry” that is used today as a bully, name-calling word.

Real bigotry ends up projecting a hatred or prejudice against a group based upon a stereotype. It is not to be found among the followers of Christ. Instead, Christianity witnesses to the world with the exact opposite: we are a body, a family of great diversity in great unity. Here is found all shades of skin tone; here is found both rich and poor; here is found north and south, east and west—all tribes and tongues. 

Jesus prayed:

I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one—I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. John 17:22-23

The enemy is having a heyday with bigotry in our land. What is happening isn’t meant to bring people together, but to divide them; to put them at war with each other. CRT bigotry is openly and forcefully being taught in academia, in businesses, through social media, and even now throughout our military forces and academies. It is evil and will stir up all sorts of hatred and bitterness and violence. And when people lose the truth of individual depravity and project their difficulties as coming from some external stereotyped group, they will be led to believe that they are innocent victims and therefore will not connect any consequences they suffer from as possibly coming from their own sin: greed, lust, covetousness, anger, slothfulness, etc. This merely leads them to continue harmful actions and therefore into deeper consequences and therefore more projections of hatred toward their so-called oppressors.

And the enemy laughs.

Resist all of this, dear Remnant! These are days in which we cannot abdicate.


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  • Lori Cariou

    Lori Cariou

    I am thankful for your heartfelt thoughts and dedication.
  • Lori Cariou

    Lori Cariou

    So wonderful to hear your thoughts. I think tIhat your facts are very accurate, but are we leaving out on who's watch this enemy arose but we were asleep? Maybe it is ordained as his, small h time? Have you heard of the revelation 12 sign from 2017, Some thought it meant His return... then it says one thousand two hundred and three score days. Hmm.
  • Don Rayl

    Don Rayl

    Thank you for this well defined to the point description of the current situation in our society. It is very helpful in being discerning and winsome with those who do not believe in Jesus Christ, those who are blinded by the god of this age.
  • Charlton Stanley

    Charlton Stanley

    This hits the nail on the head, thank you Del! What do you recommend that we do when we as Christians are forced by our employers to take mandatory CRT and other woke trainings?
  • Doug Madison

    Doug Madison

    Thank you Del for speaking Truth when the world and social media expounds falsehood and prejudice. Jesus says in the book of John, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”. Keep speaking the truth.
  • Jim Wineinger

    Jim Wineinger

    Thanks Del. Truth matters!
  • Evelyn Scott

    Evelyn Scott

    Dear Del, While I agree with you that stereotypes are generally harmful and inaccurate, I would beg you to consider the way God dealt with those of His people in the OT under the law. The covenant may have changed but people’s natures have not, unless they have received a circumsized heart. That being said, I believe there are many things true about CRT. Europeans have dominated the world and the customs attributed to them, such as a very strong binary understanding of sexuality, the result paternalism due to physical strength and power and the desire to conquer and master, well they are a very evident part of our culture. We cannot deny it. It is part of our sin nature. Understanding that those in power want to remain in power and don’t see a problem with being in power is part of CRT. It is just logic and I don’t think Christains should be threatened by it.
  • Stuart Booth

    Stuart Booth

    Truly spot on Del. I would recommend all to read "Fault Lines" by Voddie Bauchman.
  • Liz Parrott

    Liz Parrott

    Amen and Amen. I’m thankful for your teaching, Dr. Tackett.
  • Coburn Ingram

    Coburn Ingram

    I recently read "White Awake" by Daniel Hill. He is an orthodox Christian who wrestles with the issue of race relations. One thing that he brings out that we all should know is that it is NOT ENOUGH to say "All lives matter." That statement is very much not OK. This is something John Dawson of YWAM has noticed in his ministry of reconciliation. He went on the Trail of Tears, and he found that painful incidents were always remembered by the victims, but usually forgotten by the perpetrators. The reason for racism (e.g. skin color) is not so important as the result of racism. If we say we love all people, but we do nothing about the institutions and the injuries that persist, we do not really love one another. We are just giving lip service to equality. It makes me angry when Christians cling to their conservatism instead of "understanding the world better than it understands itself (Bonhoeffer)" and coming up with real, sacrificial answers that work and that change the world. You know what? We ended slavery. We had a lot to do with the civil rights movement. In fact, pretty much any time the world has changed, we changed it. Let's get back to that. Thanks.




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