Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


We Lost a Giant and a Friend - RC Sproul

We just lost a giant in the Faith.

RC Sproul was a unique individual whose contributions to the kingdom are immeasurably understood only in heaven.

He was instrumental in developing in me the understanding that it was all about God. It was all about who God IS… His nature, His character, His attributes. And if you could glimpse, as best as God would allow, the reality of God’s nature, then you would better understand everything that God did or said. For His truth, His Word, His creative and providential acts were all driven by, and consistent with, the essence of who God really was.

We are to be holy, for He is holy. We are to be perfect, for He is perfect. We are to be compassionate because He is compassionate. The commandments of God are not capricious, but reflect His nature. God’s truth is not illogical or irrational because God is not illogical or irrational.

RC was the master of linking the logical to the nature of God and showing how the irrational was in direct contradiction to God’s character.

When we were in the planning stages of creating the Truth Project, I asked RC if he would be willing to give us an hour of his insight and wisdom, which he graciously provided. When I thanked him for that he merely brushed it aside and said, “Any wisdom we have, anything that appears to be insightful, and truly is, does not come from us, but only from God. We are but a mere messenger, are we not?”

Indeed, that is all we are.

And now that great messenger has returned to the Message. It seems to me that there has to be a lot of rejoicing in heaven over the race he ran.

But I’m sure RC would say this, and so I will as well. When God prunes us, as He just has by taking away RC, it is for the purpose that others will then begin to grow and flourish… not to take his place, but to simply build upon what he has left behind. And that is a lot.

Thank you, RC, for your faithful and effective ministry to all of us. You will be sorely missed.


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  • Al  Havers

    Al Havers

    After being involved with The Truth Project as both a participant then a small group leader, I became familiar and impressed with RC's words. While vacationing in Florida a few years ago I had the opportunity to attend RC's church in Sanford and see him preach the Easter Sunday service which was wonderful. After the last service I saw him preach I was able to speak with RC. I told him I saw him on The Truth Project and just how much it meant to me. I was surprised when he said he had never seen it. I suggested he watch it as it was very powerful! Whether ever ever saw the videos or not I do not know. Our loss is Heavens gain. We lost a lot but heaven gained a saint!
  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    RC encouraged my faith through his absolute confidence in God. I remember thinking, when I first came across his teaching in the late 90’s, here is a man who has built his whole life on the Truth in God’s Word. I think that confidence lifted up many of us along the way. What a legacy—for in a man’s departure from the earth, we would be talking about who God is.
  • Tom Ritchey

    Tom Ritchey

    R.C. Sproul ... a great man of God and brilliant apologist who opened the door to Life while at Westminster College. I regret that our Alma Mater and R.C. were estranged too long. His Ligonier Valley Study Center was instrumental to many Westminster students. Surely, God must be reveling in discussion with R.C. Sproul this day. And all days. While we have so many wonderful remnants of R.C.'s journey, this side of Heaven is lesser for his leaving us.
  • Elizabeth Leidy

    Elizabeth Leidy

    So sad but we know he will forever be in the presence of our Lord. We were first introduced to R C in 2006 through The Truth Project and found a radio station with his broadcast soon after. We will miss his daily teaching.
  • Steve Krigbaum

    Steve Krigbaum

    RC was instrumental in causing me to dig deeper into God's Word. I look forward to seeing him again in the Lord's presence.




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