Join me for a Seven Week Series considering 40 implications about Jesus' Resurrection.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Over the next seven weeks, I invite you to explore with me forty things that are true if Jesus, indeed, “rose from the dead”. This will take us through Ascension Day (May 9) and Pentecost (May 19). Both of these are important days of remembrance following the Resurrection and we will highlight them.


Paul states that without the resurrection, our faith would be in vain and we would still be lost. 
“… if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.” 1 Cor 15:17

This is not a minor statement and it should cause us pause, for it puts this unique historical event into sharp perspective. 


Paul would imply that it is something so critical to our faith that it should be an ever-present reality. The astounding cry, “He lives!” should be on-going, not a one-and-done holiday saying.

I think it would be important for us to ponder and meditate upon the deep implications that the tomb was really, truly empty and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is really real… absolutely true… a historical fact that has every day implications.


And, maybe… after seven weeks, we will have imprinted these implications and truths deep in our hearts such that they will help us with our walk into the darkness we call future.

Because, it is the Resurrection of Christ that stands at the forefront in the apologetic reality of who Jesus is and what God has done for us.

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Soli Deo Gloria,


Dr. Del Tackett