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7 Threats in Our Times: (#6) America – Addicted and Soft, Dependent and Lost

When someone is hit with any kind of disease or virus, the most significant factor in whether they will survive or not is their current mental and physical health. Are they strong and hardy or are they weak and lacking the will to fight? It is no different when one is assessing the threats to a culture. Are the people strong in character? Are they resilient and alert? Are they capable of wi...

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7 Threats in Our Times: (#5) Rise of a Demonic Worldview and the National Rift

It is dangerous to ignore the reality of Satan and his forces. I am NOT a person who sees a demon behind every bush, but to run to the other side of the continuum and act as if there is no spiritual warfare is folly and contrary to plain biblical teaching. We forget this to our peril: “I am certain that one of the main causes for the ill-state of the church today lies in the fact th...

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7 Threats: (#4) The Consolidation of Massive Earthly Power

One of the most fascinating aspects of God’s nature is that He delegates authority and power. We see this from the very beginning of creation when He grants to plants and animals and human beings the authority and responsibility to reproduce, to be fruitful, to multiply and fill the earth. He even delegates to man the privilege to ask God’s Hand to move, such that if he does not ask...

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20 Years Ago: A Day of Evil & Sorrow

Those who were alive then, and of age, will never forget. It was a day of unspeakable evil: airplanes hijacked for the sole purpose of massacring thousands of men, women and children, some unborn. It was a new way to make war; a new way to kill; a new way to bring terror. It was cowardice and it was demonic. One side of the world wept in horror; another side celebrated and cheer...

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7 Threats: (#3) The Loss of the Noble Male and the Rise of Malevolent Compassion

Nothing is judged more severely by our culture today than assertions of biblical male and female absolutes. It may be possible that we are in the final progression of God giving our culture up to first “sexual impurity” then “shameful lusts” and finally a “depraved mind”. And throughout all of this, true human sexuality has been the prime target. The enemy tu...

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Engagement Project Training Conference in Seattle

We will be hold an Engagement Project Training Conference at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Lakewood, Washington on August 28. If you are in the area, we would love to see you there. I am looking forward to seeing one of our students from the Engagement filming and others that have been instrumental in the Truth Project.

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Pensacola Christian College

On August 17 and 18 I will be presenting The Engagement Project to the faculty of Pensacola Christian College. If you haven't heard of PCC and you or your child is considering colleges, give them a look. You will be highly impressed!

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The First Academy, Orlando

I will be in Orlando, Aug 3-5, to speak to The First Academy faculty and staff. The First Academy, as well as First Baptist Orlando, have been great supporters of the Truth Project and I am looking forward to spending time with them. I will be addressing the state of our culture. If you live in the area, consider them as your school of choice.

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7 Threats in Our Times: (#2) The Rise of Homo Deus and Meo Christianity

In the luxury of a culture where even the lower economic classes live like kings compared to the world’s poor, we have become immensely spoiled. We are lavished with bins overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables in the dead of winter, aisles full of choice cut-meats, acres of shelves filled with more products than anyone could possibly want, stores with racks of clothes and shoes of ev...

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7 Threats in Our Times: (#1) The Rise of the Scoffer and the Depraved Mind

[previous] There are two progressions in Scripture that appear to be manifested in our culture and in our times. These are not onward and upward progressions, but more of a downward spiral. One of those progressions comes primarily from Proverbs where we are introduced to three kinds of people: the simple, the fool, and the scoffer. They are continually contrasted with the wise. We meet a...

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