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New Species?

CBS posted an article entitled “10 Top Coolest New Species”. When I first read the headline, I thought it was proposing that evolution had given us ten new species.


Every year the International Institute for Species Exploration delivers a list of species they have been newly discovered. It is a great site if you are interested.

This year includes some interesting creatures: the Bone-house Wasp, who lays each egg in a fashioned hollow tube. She then finds and kills a spider and deposits it with the egg so the new-born wasp will have something to eat (not my idea of baby food, but…) Each of the tubes are laid side-by-side with dirt in between. What is fascinating, however, is that she then builds one more hollow tube at the end and fills it with dead ants. Why? Sounds strange, except the volatile chemicals that are emitted by the dead ants camouflage the sent of her vulnerable eggs.

Smart wasp, no?

But my favorite is the puffer fish found off the coast of Japan’s Amami Oshima Island.

[Read more: Ask the Puffer Fish]


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  • Gary Sumner

    Gary Sumner

    Thank you for the website. I will probably be digging deeper into this as my main study this next year(s) will be operational Biology. I did not go into Biology originally because of evolution. I have had many questions about Biology over the years and one thing I found fascinating about this site was that they had some of the same questions. Questions like "What are species?", "What amount of variance is there in species?" I found these in their mission statement at I became more aware of the first question in a couple of Biology courses when the professors did not answer my question about what is species. These are very core questions when we talk about understanding Biology, evolution, or the endangered species act. Thank you again. Gary Sumner




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