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by Del Tackett


U.N. Endorses Iranian Nuclear Deal

For the world, this was just another day of world politics.

For the United States, this was just another thumbing of the nose at the U.S. Constitution.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how we have allowed this to go on this long. For a lot of people in our nation, the Constitution is that strange thing radical, right wing fanatics keep dredging up, but, for them, it is just some dusty old document that…well who really cares about anyway?

In the proper perspective, the U.S. Constitution is the binding contract under which the States created the Federal Government, and under which the Federal Government is supposed to abide. It is The Law and The Rule of the United States…that’s all.

But, when governments are allowed to become powerful, unassailably powerful, they not only have an insatiable lust for more, but they are disdainful of anything that would dare limit or curtail that power or its growth. 

That, of course, is exactly what the U.S. Constitution was all about. The greatest fear of the Founders was that the Federal Government might grow into a Beast. They thought they had prevented that through the severe limitations, and balances of power, written within this "Federal Contract". The Constitution represents, therefore, more than anything else, a barrier to the Federal Government getting out of hand. That is why it is now basically ignored...or twisted into unrecognizable latitudes.

This recent contempt of the U.S. Constitution by the President, who is bound under its authority to gain Congressional approval for treaties, is only one of a series of scornful actions by the Executive Branch, including the ubiquitous mass of Federal Agencies. But it isn’t limited to the Executive, for the Judicial Branch has been contemptuous as well and the Legislative Branch has, for years, ignored both its fiscal and punitive Constitutional responsibilities.

We have before us an unbridled Federal Beast that sees itself as accountable to no one.

It has mired us in a hopeless and increasing debt. It has rendered the States irrelevant. It is dimming the rights of the People.

It is a Beast that must be tamed and must be tamed now.

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