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by Del Tackett


On the Road Again...

For those who have been asking…I have been on the road in back-to-back trips for the last month or so. After the Grand Canyon filming, I taught the Calvary Chapel East Anaheim men’s retreat in the mountains of California, followed immediately by teaching at Impact 360, near Callaway Gardens, Georgia. This is an amazing gap-year program run by one of the great foundations of Chick-fil-a to help graduated high school students get a year of worldview under their belt before entering the university battleground.

This was followed by teaching at the Naval Academy/Merchant Marine Academy retreat held at White Sulfur Springs, the Officer’s Christian Fellowship conference center in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania. This was a great treat for me, to spend four days with these great academy midshipmen and cadets. It was extra special because the OCF was so instrumental to me in my own military career. 

This was followed by two filming events, one near Dayton, Tennessee and the other at the Memphis Zoo.

If I get a chance, I will try to write something about each of those, but I only have a short break before we take the filming crew to St. Thomas, VI.

So, for those of you looking for the blog, the devotion, the headlines and between, the Kruptikos and WV content that hasn’t been posted for almost a month…this is why!

This is frustrating to me because there is so much going on around us that requires you and me to be wise in discerning the “signs of the times” and yet to be mindful that we remain as a remnant for such a time as this.

Stand strong!



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  • Will Rogers

    Will Rogers

    Appreciate all you're doing Del, thanks for continuing to invest time and energy to teach so many about Biblical truth. Blessings on the rest of your travels.
  • Carl Hildebrant

    Carl Hildebrant

    We know where your heart is Dr. Tackett…and more importantly, the Lord knows where your heart is as well. Keep doing and prioritizing that which the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Time in this life is finite, just as we are which requires us to listen wisely to the God’s promptings with respect to where we need to devote our time and energies at any one moment. Keep up the great work!
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    Thanks, guys. We just finished filming with Dr. Rob Carter in St. Thomas. An excellent discussion on the mounting evidence in the genetic code for the history of Genesis. I did my first scuba dive with him and now I'm hooked! There is a whole different and beautiful world down there.
  • John Dragoun

    John Dragoun you have teachings other than The Truth Project available online or on DVD? Our small group is just finishing The Truth Project, and would welcome additional teachings.
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    John, I did the third series of TrueU, "Who is Jesus" that you may want to look at. If you can still get the "Cross Examine" series, we made about 25 of them. You can pray that the Lord will allow us to film "the Engagement" soon. That is the natural next step in the teaching I did in the Truth Project and the others. Thanks for doing this in a small group. Maintain the vision! Del
  • Mick O'Brien

    Mick O'Brien

    The TrueU series is excellent. "The Toughest Test in College" a "must watch" 40 minute promo to TrueU can be found on youtube and is also included on the the first series disk set. has them available. Del, thank you for your excellent contribution to "Who is Jesus". Blessings to all, Mick
  • Richard Hawkins

    Richard Hawkins

    Del, thank you for all you do. I am starting another Truth Project session next month. I've often wondered what you meant by crediting JI Packer as your signpost.
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    Thanks, Mick. It was a blessing to me. Richard, I don't remember using the word "signpost" but Packer's book, "Knowing God" began my thirst for the attributes of God and that has been the focus of most all that I do. So, I'm thankful for Packer writing that book. It has certainly been a blessing to many.
  • Richard Hawkins

    Richard Hawkins

    Thanks for your response. At the end of lesson 12 The Truth Project has a segment for credits. For example, Wayne Grudem was credited for theology, David Noebel was credited for the framework, Francis Schaeffer was credited as your mentor and JI Packer credited for signposts. From his book Knowing God I can see signposts pointing to the nature and character of God.




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