Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Engagement Project Launch

We are rejoicing! 

God was gracious to us yesterday at the Engagement Project launch in Colorado Springs. We filled the sanctuary of Village Seven Presbyterian Church (within the COVID restrictions) and there were 490 who joined us on the live stream. It was a joy for me to be able to meet so many who had been faithful in leading the Truth Project and were now excited to take this next step. They came from Florida and Georgia, Arizona and Wyoming and other parts in between. Those who were online were watching from New York to Alaska, Minnesota to Louisiana, and New Jersey to Alberta, Canada. Believe or not, we also had people participating in the live stream from Romania, the United Kingdom, South Africa and other countries. 

God is so very good! 

This is quite humbling to me and I can do nothing but thank our gracious Lord for all of this and those through whom He worked – all those who sacrificially gave so that we might meet what appeared to be an insurmountable budget; those who have labored tirelessly like the Truth Encounter Ministries Board; and those who have been faithful prayer warriors. 

This is the culmination of over ten years of dreaming and hoping and waiting on the Lord, but when I held the DVDs in my hands, it finally sunk in that God had carried us to the finish line. However, it really isn’t the finish line because we are dedicated to the care and feeding of all of those that He will raise up to lead small groups in their home and to begin to engage the culture around them. We are going to do our very best to provide them with whatever resources we can to help them in their critical Kingdom work.

We are also already thinking and planning for the final phase: the Restoration. May God put His hands on all of it.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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  • Dan Rucker

    Dan Rucker

    Thank you for blessing us again with this project. You can add Tennessee to your State list from Saturday's training!


    Great Training. Hail Jesus.
  • Tom Aljancic

    Tom Aljancic

    Praise Him! We too were relishing the event from TN. Will keep y’all in our prayers as we also pray to see who God wants in our first small group! It was sooo poignant to see Ravi on fact it was the Truth Project that introduced us to him and his ministry RZIM, which we have also benefited from over the years. Can’t wait to get started! God bless! Deb and Tom Aljancic
  • Greg Haro

    Greg Haro

    It was a blessing to be able to watch the launch of this much needed program. We are having some trouble finding the web site that gives the resources for the disks. Could you give us some help?
  • Bob Heibult

    Bob Heibult

    You can add South Dakota to the list of states. My wife and I really looking forward to receiving the CD’s. We went through the truth project twice because there is so much information that we didn’t glean the first time. I’m confident that this will be the same. God bless you your work.
  • Martha Carter

    Martha Carter

    May I order a virtual or DVD recording of Aug 29 training ? I first met Dr. Tackett in Fall 2008 at Focus over Fifty Seminar at Focus On Family where he introduced Truth Project. Later Attended Dr. Tackett’s Truth Project Training in Jackson ille , Fl. Since that time I have led numerous small groups through the Truth Project and would love to lead groups in this new Engagement Project. Currently sharing with my church your video, Genesis Is History! Lives have been chanthrough the min
  • Brad Snelling

    Brad Snelling

    Truly grateful for the teaching and leading last weekend. My tanks are stirred. Many thanks to your team for the preparation and unseen work required to deliver such a meaningful program. We are so excited to see what God will do next.
  • Birgit Miranda

    Birgit Miranda

    Thank you for the great training. I am now in Portland (Beaverton) Oregon and if Oregon is not on the list yet, it is now. Del, you will always be my most amazing Professor and the one that had such a big part in having me accept Jesus as my Savior! Prayer and Engagement works!!!
  • Jim Speers

    Jim Speers

    Great intro and eager to get started here in Virginia, but when will we get access to online resources and have the DVD's?
  • Steve Athans

    Steve Athans

    Received our DVD's in the mail today!! Excited to see how God will reveal Himself and His ways to us and through us as we engage the culture around us. May it be so...




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