Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


A New Chapter in The Truth Encounter

Greetings Everyone!

I am writing to let you know about two very important updates for our Truth Encounter Community.

As you know, it has been my vision to continue the biblical worldview work that God began in my life years ago, beginning with New Geneva Seminary, Summit Ministries, the Truth Project, Cross Examine, Who Is Jesus and other worldview teaching, including the new release February 23 of the film, “Is Genesis History”. Launching this site was a big step in our ongoing work. And now, we are taking another big step. Let me share the details.

I'm very excited to announce that Marc Fey, who led The Truth Project team with me at Focus on the Family, has joined me full-time to help us realize the dream God laid on my heart in 1992. As the team leader, Marc was instrumental in developing and launching the project, including our work with Cold Water Media to produce the DVD content, develop website resources and conference trainings and manage our relationships with Truth Project leaders, partners, and key organizations.

This is indeed a pivotal time for us, and I am thrilled to be reunited with Marc to build what we pray will be God's movement in the hearts and minds of His people--on His terms and for His glory.

Second, with Marc's addition to our team, you should expect regular communication from Marc and me, updating you on our progress with The Engagement Project and The Restoration Project, the next two series to follow-up the worldview teaching we have done up to this point. After many years of stops and starts, it appears God is moving people and resources into place for us to resume in a more concentrated and strategic manner the work of The Truth Encounter.

So, with me please welcome Marc back to the team. And more importantly, please consider renewing your prayer efforts for God's work through each of us, for we all have an important role to play in realizing this God-inspired vision-- a movement in and through God's people in our generation.


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  • Robert Randolph

    Robert Randolph

    This is indeed exciting.
  • Joyce Hobby

    Joyce Hobby

    Unable to attend “Is Genesis History” tomorrow evening. Any plans for DVD?
  • Steve Krigbaum

    Steve Krigbaum

    Wonderful News indeed.
  • Jo Robbins

    Jo Robbins

    I'm driving 75 miles to see "Is Genesis History" with my best friend ... it's not in many towns in Georgia, sadly! Wish more people heard of it as I'm certain several local churches would have promoted this film. Excited to see what will ensue and possible DVD sales along with a study similar to Truth Project I participated in 2008. God bless this important ministry of TRUTH!!! Thanking you in advance for another great journey inside the pages of Genesis.
  • Allen Gunning

    Allen Gunning

    Will the DVD of "Is Genesis History" be on the market soon? How can I obtain a copy? Al
  • Suzanne Forsberg

    Suzanne Forsberg

    All sold out in Tulsa. Could not get tickets
  • Jim Cooper

    Jim Cooper

    I attended "Is Genesis History" tonight and thought it was very well done and a clear presentation of science informed by Biblical truth coming together to encourage the church and reveal the truth about the earth's past. So refreshing to hear these scientists using their expertise in their respective fields to think Biblically and rightly interpret the observational data about this whole issue of origins, age of the earth, and the authority of Scripture! Thank You for producing this film. I too am interested to know if it will be available as a DVD. Our location in Grand Rapids, Mi. missed some of the opening moments at Mt. Saint Helens because of some technical problem it seemed. BTW, great turn out at our location!
  • Diane  Klock

    Diane Klock

    Saw Is Genesis History last night , it was fabulous and well laid out . My husband said , " He made his case " this is huge .
  • Dan Rucker

    Dan Rucker

    Great to hear Marc's news! May God bless and use you. The movie sold out 2 theaters in our part of south Nashville TN. They opened a third and sold it out too. Well done!
  • Jo Robbins

    Jo Robbins

    Movie was a "must/see!" I had hoped for more theaters screening closer to our home. (Possibly with more advance public notice it would have had more theaters participating in GA.) Traveled 75 miles to attend and was thrilled to see packed audience in McDonough last night. Great presentation of information. Beautiful visuals. Would love to see again. Thank you for your work of presenting Gods truth. Looking to discover the next step of your journey in "Engagement!" God bless your love and offering of His truth.




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