Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


On Site for the Cincinnati Training Conference

Marc and I arrived yesterday in Cincinnati for the Engagement Project training conference this Saturday at Kenwood Baptist Church. The venue is sold out but we will be streaming live if you want to attend (see Events).

Sunday evening, I will be doing a Q&A with Pastor David Palmer at the church, then meeting with pastors Monday morning, medical students in the afternoon and a public forum that evening at 6:30pm.

There are small groups already from Delaware to California and even internationally. God is certainly gracious beyond belief!



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  • Sandra Shula

    Sandra Shula

    Thank you Dr. Tackett. The church sold out before I could register, was planning on traveling from Pittsburgh. I am very grateful for the livestream option and this IS exactly what God has been speaking to me about. Lord bless and keep you and the staff of Truth Encounter and bring all of His plans to completion. Thank you so much.
  • Kelly Louk

    Kelly Louk

    Attended today’s seminar. We loved it. Thank you for your investment in our community. God’s greatest blessings upon you, Marc and the launching of this incredible journey!
  • Ray Norvaisa

    Ray Norvaisa

    Thank you Del, I listened to the first session and as I live in Sydney Australia it was midnight when the session ended. I would love to hear the other sessions, is it possible to have a link to the other sessions.? You are doing such a great work, keep it up and I’m praying for you. Ray Norvaisa
  • Kevin Scribner

    Kevin Scribner

    Thank you for the excellent training today in Cincinnati. It made me think deeply about my lack of attention to God’s call to be fruitful, love my neighbor and thereby glorify God and enjoy Him. Five of us from our church attended and we all came away excited about creating small groups to share this vision and call with our brothers and sisters. Soli Deo Gloria!




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