Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Political Hypocrisy

With the heated debate in the Senate over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, we are presented again with the political hypocrisy that has become mainstay in our country.

On the one side, the Democrats are howling that we should wait until after the election, that it is unconstitutional for the Republicans to fill the seat left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In 2016, the Democrats were howling in the opposite direction, that it was Obama’s constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court justice to fill the seat left by the death of Antonin Scalia. Scalia was a conservative justice and the Democrats wanted to tip the Court in their direction with a liberal justice from Obama. Now they are upset that Trump has nominated a conservative to replace the liberal Ginsburg fearing it will tip the Court in the conservative direction.

On the other side, the Republicans, in 2016, were arguing that Obama shouldn’t nominate a justice for the Court and they were putting forth the argument that it should be left up to the next president. Now they, too, are arguing the opposite. 

I wrote in 2016 (Senate Outfoxed Playing Politics Versus Taking a Stand) that this was unwise on the Republican’s part because it was wrong. President Obama had the right to nominate a justice and the Senate had the right to approve or disapprove (which they did). If we were to get into this nonsense that we should wait for the “next President” to nominate, then when is that? When there is one year left? Two years? It was foolish and unconstitutional for the Republicans to make this argument then and it is foolish and unconstitutional for the Democrats to make it now.

Unfortunately, because we are bereft of a free press, these hypocrisies are only publicized in one direction. This is one of the deep, deep problems of the U.S. today. The press should do the howling against hypocrisy on either party’s part. If they howled, then maybe we could diminish some of it rather than seeing it grow exponentially along with all of the other pathologies that are equally publicized or ignored because they either benefit or hurt one party. 

This, again, is why George Washington hated political parties. Right and wrong get replaced with power and control.


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  • Beverly Weisblat

    Beverly Weisblat

    Thank you for exposing the lefts agenda.
  • Don Rayl

    Don Rayl

    We have not arrived at this situation overnight. The 45 goals documented by C. Skousen in the 1950’s have essentially all been accomplished. Evil forces have existed and continue. The church as a whole has failed to be salt and light in informing the major decisions in our main social spheres. Our society is well down The Road to Serfdom. When the foundations are destroyed, what are the righteous to do? But there is a remnant left in the Land of Nought. For such a time as this, The Engagement Project is sorely needed. Pray for the Engagement Project and all who are involved.
  • Jean Louise Mason

    Jean Louise Mason

    Don is right, we have not arrived at this situation overnight and sadly, we as Christians are largely to blame for not guarding the truth, for being watchmen on the wall. In the past few days, I have heard different people, one being Tucker Carlson and the other Tim Wildmon on AFR, ask the question, "Why is the Democrat party so fixated on abortion in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings?" The answers were different but both from a political perspective. Neither touched on what I think is really the most likely reason, division. The quote, "United We Stand, Divided, We Fall," appears in one of Aesop's fables, but it actually goes all the way back to the garden of Eden when the enemy sought to separate man from God. It has been one of his, if not the most effective, tool he has. Division over abortion, and now over sexual preferences, white supremacy, racism, and on and on, has divided families, churches, communities, and nations. One of the saddest things I read recently was a son saying to his dad, "support Trump and you will never see your grandson again." God said in Proverbs 6 that one of the things He hates is he who sows discord among the brethren. I pray that God will keep me from ever doing this. The reality is that none of these issues will be resolved until Jesus sets up His kingdom. I am increasingly thankful that a friend introduced me to The Truth Project recently. I believe that Del Tackett is right, the Remnant needs to pray, to stay united, to know the truth and remain faithful to it. Can we agree with the ones who celebrate abortion, homosexuality and all that goes with it? Paul answers that question in Romans 1. But we can equip ourselves with the truth and grace to face these issues in a Christian manner. The result in doing so is in God's hands, the battle belongs to Him. Jesus said in Luke 12 that He did not come to bring peace, but division. Does that sound contradictory to our being united? If we are looking for worldly peace and for acceptance of all lifestyles, then yes. But that is not what Jesus was talking about. I believe He was talking about the battle that would arise from His teaching, even among families. I am reading a book right now by Dr. Harry Blamires called, "The Christian Mind." In it, he says that we do not think christianly. I bristled at that statement at first, but upon further reading, I have come to believe he is right.
  • Jean Louise Mason

    Jean Louise Mason

    I should have said "for not being watchmen on the wall."
  • Robert Conrad

    Robert Conrad

    The script does not fit the meta narrative of our Creator!
  • Norma Rea

    Norma Rea

    I agree with Don and Jean. I pray for true revival to come. I am so concerned with incomplete families. If children aren't taught "from the cradle" who God is and how important He is, chances of them ever coming to salvation is small. I thought of those who were looting and causing such damage and wondered if they were ever taught the Truth. I fear not. I also pray for universities who have hired left-leaning professors about 15 to 1 conservative, yet Christian parents are sending their children to those schools. I'm concerned about the whole education system in fact. I do believe the remnant is awaking - I pray so.
  • Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore

    Thank you for exposing the right's agenda.




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