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by Del Tackett


Engagement Project Leader Training Now On-Line

I suppose it would take several pages to list the changes that have occurred in our lives this year. If someone would have told me, a year ago, that in 2020 all our malls would be closed, the stadiums would be empty, the restaurants will be closed, a U.S. economy that was going like gangbusters would grind almost to a halt, nobody would care about hockey or basketball or baseball, everyone would be wearing masks and you will have to register to go to church, I would have called their doctor. 

Well, it was in the middle of all of this that the Lord chose for us to release the Engagement Project and I am a firm believer that He always knows the right time. Although Hollywood is postponing the release of its 2020 blockbusters, we didn’t. It isn’t about box office receipts, it’s about seeing the body of Christ healthy and strong and vibrant, being light and salt in a desperate culture. 

It is true that we had planned to roll out with a flood of training conferences in Arizona, Alaska, Florida, etc., and COVID has forced us to postpone all of them, but we still launched the Engagement Project. We had conferences in Billings, Des Moines, Cincinnati and Colorado Springs, and the Lord was gracious to fill those conferences to the COVID limit. And, because of those conferences and the live streaming, there are now small groups as far away as South Africa.

The Lord appears to be blessing it… all for His glory.

But, to compensate for the loss of so many conferences, we have created an online, on-demand EP leader training course. I would much rather come to your state and see you eye to eye, and ask you to commit to pray for your people in your small group gathered in your home, but this is the next best thing to do. And, after you complete the training, I will get to see you eye-to-eye, on Zoom. :)

So, if you are ready to lead a small group through the Engagement Project, click the link on the home page.

May the Lord deeply bless you!


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