Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Engagement Project Training in Ocala

I will be in Ocala, Florida on June 26th for our next Engagement Project training conference at Central Christian Church. I hope to see you there. We just finished the training in Largo, and the Lord blessed us all. 

The next day, on Sunday morning at Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Eustis, Florida, I will address the state of our culture and our need to understand the times in which we live. 

Since we no longer have the reach through Facebook that we used to have, it would be very helpful if you would consider sending this link to those you know that might want to attend. We don’t have many avenues to advertise and would appreciate your help.

We continue to hear the wonderful ways that God is working as EP groups are completing their tours. It appears He is putting His hands upon it. Pray for the body of Christ to become light and salt in these testing days.


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