Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


I am Voting for Life...

On 9/11, 2,996 people were murdered in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in the field in Pennsylvania. We mourned. Republicans and Democrats joined in prayer on the Capitol steps. The nation was stunned.

Yet every day, we murder more than that in our abortion clinics.

Every day.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Over a million babies a year.

Dismembered, heads pierced with scissors, cut into pieces and thrown in the trash, body parts harvested for commercial use.

It is not “politically correct" nor comfortable to speak of these things. We are like the Germans who didn’t want to think about the Jews being incinerated alive in the ovens not too many miles away from their comfortable homes. We would rather ignore the horror of what is really happening.

But it does.

I cannot imagine the screams of the blood that cries up to heaven.

The United States leads the world in the murder of innocent babies in the womb of its mothers.

Yet, we don’t mourn. We don’t gather together on the steps of the Capitol every day and pray in anguish over this.

There is, instead, one political party that celebrates this “right”.

I know I spoke openly against Donald Trump in the primaries. I believed we had better choices available to us then.

But we now have only two real choices.

And when it comes to the issue of life, there is only one for me.

The Clinton/Kaine Platform and Team is clearly on the side of abortion: funding it, promoting it, ensuring it will be codified in health care laws and regulations; forcing it on employers to provide it though those employers may believe it is horrific to do so.

The Trump/Pence Platform and Team is clearly on the side of life: defunding it from federal support, stripping it from health care laws and regulations; pursuing ways to reduce this horrific holocaust that is a stench in our nation before a holy God.

There are only two real choices. Don’t be fooled in this. Voting for a third party is a wasted vote and a vote for abortion. Sitting out and not voting is an abdication of responsibility and a vote for the same.

I am voting for life.

I encourage you to consider doing so as well.



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  • C. Kreger

    C. Kreger

    I did as well. I have a good friend who made an excellent point on Facebook today. She brought to light the fact that Republicans will at least vet their candidates. She is right, I have not heard the democratic side speak out once in opposition to their deplorable choice of a candidate. At the end of the day we have to stand by our convictions and vote wisely for the bigger picture.
  • Jo Robbins

    Jo Robbins

    " liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." the first and foremost is the support of "life!" Life is given to us by God. Our names are written in the palm of His hand before we existed...who are we to declare when life begins? I voted for life! God have mercy on our country and, Lord, draw us back to you!
  • Elaine Grenon

    Elaine Grenon

    I am voting for Life. I, like you, didn't side with Trump in the beginning, thinking there were better candidates at the time. We are now standing on a precipice of not only life, but of Freedom. Mr. Trump has many good people coming along side him to help him direct us into a bright future. A future where we can maintian our freedom of speech, freedom to worship God and serve Him,freedom from want and freedom from fear. Freedom to have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The time has come for us to pray for God to put on the throne a king who will abide by the morals given to us by the Lord. God bless and wecome back, Elaine Grenon.
  • Shelly Alfaro

    Shelly Alfaro

    How to share this in love to my precious fellows so that they might hear. I pray for faith and courage wisdom and love. Mr Tackett your input always moves me to press on. Thank you for your service.




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