Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


7 Threats in Our Times: (#5) Rise of a Demonic Worldview and the National Rift

It is dangerous to ignore the reality of Satan and his forces. I am NOT a person who sees a demon behind every bush, but to run to the other side of the continuum and act as if there is no spiritual warfare is folly and contrary to plain biblical teaching. We forget this to our peril:

 “I am certain that one of the main causes for the ill-state of the church today lies in the fact that the devil has been forgotten.” Martin-Lloyd Jones

I know that to speak of things “demonic” or “Marxist” is to provoke the proverbial “eye roll” in our culture today. Yet, here we will be speaking of both at the same time. I am doing so, because it is impossible, if one is honest, not to label the Marxist worldview demonic. It has hundreds of millions of deaths to its account and it seeks more. Not just dead deaths, but living deaths, unfruitful lives that bring no glory to God.

I have written about the history of this and the demonic influences upon Karl Marx before and we need not repeat it here, except to note that many had thought that Marxism had taken a death blow when it couldn’t get any traction in America and it had failed in so many places. But Marxism was reborn in our country through the Franklin School and Critical Theory. Instead of sowing discord between the workers and the owners, it now sought to sow division in the hearts and minds of those of a “minority” status, convincing them that they were the oppressed and the “must-be-hated-oppressor" was the white, straight, cisgender, Christian male hegemony, including every institution that he had built. These "minorities" were the new pawns in a demonic worldview that desires to overthrow all of God’s social institutions. When we speak of “overthrowing”, we do not necessarily mean their destruction by elimination. What we see today is the zealous drive to recreate them into a new image; to modify the language, the design, the purposes into something radically different than God’s original. There is a deep, visceral fervor associated with this. Marx’s “abolish the family” is driven not by some contrary philosophy, but by something deeply demonic. It is, of course, a scam. The pawns who overthrow the status quo will then find themselves, as every Marxist pawn in the past has found themselves, in a grey, barren world interrupted only by the lavish palaces of the Marxist elite.

This worldview has been germinating in America for over 50 years. Having taken deep root in academia, it has, almost miraculously, exploded upon us in the midst of the COVID scare. And we now awake to find ourselves in a nation that has a deep and severe worldview rift. For most of our nation’s history, we shared a common worldview. Yes we disagreed about politics, and sometimes fiercely. Some of those disagreements were enough to bring us to a civil war, but we shared a common worldview. That is no longer the case. Now our divide is no longer merely politics, but about the fundamentals of life and truth and liberty. That divide is exacerbated by the fact that this new worldview has embedded itself in academia, prime media, entertainment, technology giants and judicial, legislative and executive bodies. It flies under various flags as “social justice” and “woke” and “progressive” and under the guise of new defined terms such as “equality”, "equity" and “diversity”. Most critical is that it has made “compassion” the supreme ethic, though in reality, it is a malevolent compassion. This feigned compassion overrides freedom, it supplants truth and righteousness, it outweighs sane logic and common sense. It is the new litmus test for everything. But, in our new culture, it sells. As Rod Dreher puts it in “Live Not by Lies” it is the replacement for the old Bolshevik violence:

“[they] get their way not by shedding blood but by shedding tears.

Its end, however, is the same: total dominance; total control; total acquiescence of the masses. Comply or die. Maybe not physically, but you will be isolated, shunned, forced out of the means of communication. Some have already had financial accounts closed, jobs terminated, reputations ruined. All of us, if we are honest, must admit that there is a new standard associated with what you can say and what you can’t. Free speech has been lost and we weren’t even aware it happened. If you are guilty of CrimeSpeak (1984) you will be cast out. This is not future. This is now.

Survivors of the horrors of Marxism in the former Soviet Union, in China, and other places where it has terrorized millions and left mass graves and grey skeletal cultures, are screaming at us to wake up. They speak with alarm, pleading with us, for we now walk the same dangerous path they saw in their former lands.

This storm front is massive. When it is combined with the others, it may be fatal. 

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  • Janet Curtis

    Janet Curtis

    We are living in perilous times. Even some Christians in leadership positions are being deceived. Followers of Christ need to be diligent in not only studying the Word but living it every day.
  • Bruce Wilson

    Bruce Wilson

    I believe a key to both understanding this peril and resisting it is to seek out alternate perspectives and look for the "truth", but this can only be done with the Holy Spirit's guidance so it is essential to trust Christ and ask for that guidance.
  • Ken Rosenbaum

    Ken Rosenbaum

    My comment extends the two comments below (Curtis, Wilson). Today ‘most’, not just some, but most so-called Christians leaders are deceived by little satan, 2 Timothy 2:15, and while elected by some are not approved by God. Some say that Christians need a ‘calling’ to be a gospel witness to share the Truth. You don’t need a calling when you have a commandment from Christ, Matthew 28:18-20. The great commission wasn’t a suggestion. This is not an alternative perspective, it is an engagement that each of us has been made for, equipped for, and sent here to be doing around us…Exodus 9:16. 2 Chronicles 7:14 begins with, “If my people, which are called by my name,” Let’s simply humble, pray, seek, and turn…
  • Don Rayl

    Don Rayl

    Help us, Oh LORD to be focused on You, Your Glory and Your Truth in these dark times. Help us to engage those you divinely put in our path in a winsome way to communicate your Truth and Compassion. As the old Russian proverb, beloved by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, notes: "One word of truth outweighs the whole world." May Your Holy Spirit guide and direct us.




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