Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


An Invitation to Friends in Nashville

Join me in person tonight at 7pm at Nashville's Hollywood 27 Theaters!

Hello Friends in Nashville (and the surrounding areas),

Many of you have heard that the film Is Genesis History? was held over for an additional 2 weeks, including showings tonight, March 2th, and then also next week, March 7th around the country.

Tonight, I am attending in person the 7pm showing at Nashville's Hollywood 27 Theaters (719 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37204, click here for Google Maps directions: ). If you are able to make it to the showing tonight, please come by and say "hello" and let me know you got my invitation here.

I look forward to seeing you in person!

Soli Deo Gloria,



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  • Martin Slabey

    Martin Slabey

    This movie was very impacting on me. My big takeaway was the significance of the Flood and how it supports a very short earth history time line by putting to rest the deep time model that has been endoctrinating our education system for decades.




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