Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Roe v. Wade – Is It Possible?

Arguments are being made before the Supreme Court in what some are speculating could be the early indications that they will throw out Roe v. Wade.

Wait! Is this possible? Is it possible that a nation who has been so bent on turning away from God could actually reverse one of its most egregious and unethical legal positions?

I have to admit being skeptical until USA Today, no less, published an opinion article by Lila Rose: “Science proves Roe v. Wad wrong. Humanity doesn’t start at 20 weeks.” I recommend you read it.

Opinion in our nation on abortion has been changing, especially among young people. More and more, they are seeing abortion as a false narrative that repeatedly declares abortion only removes “unwanted tissue”. However, they increasingly understand, as Rose points out, that the reality is abortion destroys the life of a human being.

I deeply encourage you to be in diligent prayer over the next days for this decision. 


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