Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


The Founder's Backbone

Not too long ago I was struck by two incidents that measured how we as a culture are increasingly losing the mettle to stand for our convictions.


The newly crowned Miss USA was asked if she believed that health care was a privilege or a right. She was also asked if she were a feminist. Her answers were contrary to the power of the new beast in our culture and within 24 hours she was forced to bow the knee and recant.


A West Point graduate, Army flight surgeon and war hero was nominated to be the Secretary of the Army. Shortly thereafter, the beast forced him to withdraw because of his stated beliefs. In this case, he didn’t recant, but it is becoming clearer that we are entering a period in which convictions contrary to the beast’s are going to come under fierce attack and possibly disqualify one for significant positions in our culture and even inhibit the commercial right to buy and sell.


Thankfully, the founders weren’t so squeamish. Thankfully, they had a backbone.


Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate today. The beast in their day was the mighty power of King George and his supreme army and navy. Though the founders believed in their convictions, they knew that the beast would consider it treason, the penalty for which was death. This provided for a most somber and solemn pause in the assembly. It was in the gravity of that moment that Benjamin Franklin quipped something like: “Well gentlemen, we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”

There was no doubt in their minds that to stand up to the beast would prove costly. And cost them it did.

Of the fifty-six, five were captured, tortured and put to death. Twelve had their homes burned down. Two lost sons. Nine died in the ensuing war with the beast. Carter Braxton signed as a wealthy trader and died in rags. Thomas McKeam and his family were driven underground and ended up in poverty. Eight had their properties looted. Thomas Nelson directed the cannon fire on his own beautiful estate, which the British General Cornwallis had converted into his headquarters. After destroying his own home, he died bankrupt. Francis Lewis’ home and property were destroyed and his wife captured and thrown in prison where she died. His son died in British captivity as well. A few months after signing, John Hart was driven from his home where his wife lay dying. He was hunted and hid in caves only to finally return to find his fields and grist mill laid to waste, his wife dead and his thirteen children gone. He died shortly thereafter of exhaustion and a broken heart. Richard Stockton died a broken man after being betrayed by a loyalist, imprisoned, and beaten, returning eventually to find his home gutted. Only days after signing, Lewis Morris found his 2,000-acre farm ravaged, his cattle butchered and his family driven away. Similarly, Arthur Middleton, Edward Rutledge and Thomas Heyward were captured while their estates were burned to the ground. Heyward’s wife died, watching it all.


These men had backbones. They did not recant. They did not retreat. They pledged their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” so that a nation built on new foundations might provide liberty to its people. They lost their lives and their fortunes, but not their sacred honor.


Today we fight a new beast. Do we have the same resolve? Are we willing to pledge our lives and fortunes, our sacred honor? Or will we capitulate, bow the knee and take the easy road?

This week, the beast was attempting to force a university in Oklahoma to bow the knee and remove the crosses and Bibles from its chapel. In Denver a baker still battles the beast over his Christian convictions. No question, the beast is huge, his claws are sharp, his teeth are lethal.

But so, too, was King George.

Do we have the backbone to stand?

The Remnant remains for a reason.



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  • Laurie Herman

    Laurie Herman

    The beast is indeed an ugly, hateful beast. I am so hopeful that the Christian soul of this great nation has awakened and will have more and more voices speaking out for real truth. This next decade promises to have some crucial twists and turns. So thankful we have our Lord at the helm! Great to hear from you again, Del. Hope you had a nice Fourth. : ) --Laurie Herman
  • Nichole Kaiser

    Nichole Kaiser

    Thanks Del for this encouragement. As I read 1 Peter this morning your words seemed to echo his. Peter is encouraging believers- those that have been exiled and dispersed- to be willing to suffer for righteousness. If we suffer unjustly we will be blessed. Christ suffered for us unjustly, we can join Him in that suffering when we suffer unjustly. In Chapter 4 Peter tells us not to be surprised when we do have to suffer for the right thing. To suffer like this should be part of our Christian walk. We should rejoice in the fact that we have the oppportunity to identify with Christ. Moreover, it is a chance to entrust our souls to a faithful Creator while doing good. I love that Peter tells us that if we live righteously we will have the Lord's attention, and He will hear our prayers and not be opposed to us. Praise God! Let's have the backbone to stand strong with a view that future blessing is coming and we can stand strong because God is on our side.
  • Sherri Hampton

    Sherri Hampton

    I believe we all have opportunities to "stand." If the Lord puts us in the public square, it is to shine His light. And also in the every-day of our common lives, there are opportunities all around to stand in the face of fierce opposition. "Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil..." Thanks for the sobering reminder.
  • Paul Stanford

    Paul Stanford

    Thanks Del for reminding us of their courage and how God's hand guided them in the establishment of this great nation. We can never forget. Also, recently viewed Is Genesis History. Thanks again for your great work should be seen by everyone.
  • Israel McCrery

    Israel McCrery

    Praise God for the wisdom He has blessed you with. Praying for Gods shield over you. I wish all could clearly understand but, as is true since the beginning of time, not all will...willing do so.
  • Israel McCrery

    Israel McCrery

    Greg, At any point have you tried watching the Truth Project? Your concerns are real, but they are over looking the point. To not discount your concerns but, refocus your vision.... Factually, all human kind are born sinners, and whether one chooses to accept Christ or not, we all still die sinner(s) (redeemed or not). So what does that have to say about everyone, including all of the individuals Del talked about? They weren't perfect, and neither are you or me....or even Del 😳. No human ever has been or will be perfelect...except the One who God made in human form in order to die for us, to wash us of our sins. Does that stop us from sinning? Of course not (LOLOL), and neither will all of our concerns until the second much as one might think otherwise. Love you!
  • Israel McCrery

    Israel McCrery

    Your words compel me to ask, are you searching for something? Your thoughts tell me you disagree but, you continue to read. I a can't get enough of Del, and have been re-energized by "Is Genesis History". I'm going to stop writing now but I just read a bumper sticker, 'Wag More & Bark Less'. Food for thought even for me 👍
  • Cheryl Mueller

    Cheryl Mueller

    Greg, I read your response with some interest. I live in a very ultra liberal part of the country. I see many Christians struggle with this, too. May I suggest that you allow Christian brothers and sisters to follow their conscience? If the Holy Spirit has quickened their hearts to stand against a very great sin, then instead of attacking them for being "partisan", perhaps try to gain a better understanding. As a Christian who has run for office, I can tell you that the two major parties in this country have been dividing up along moral issues for many years. So when you try to root out partisanship within the body, you are basically telling us not make moral judgements about the political parties--yet you clearly have. I usually point people to the party platforms. Most Christians will make that (party) decision based on the abortion issue alone, although I think now you can add the marriage and LBGT issues to it as well. Just as we see clearly the moral issues of the past, these are the moral issues of our day. The humanists have been attacking the Natural Law for decades. They are making laws that force Christians to go against their moral beliefs. So try to step away from your own biases and look at the issues, the party platforms and the decisions being made from a biblical worldview. (What I do is try to imagine if we were in ancient Israel. What would God be saying about this or that? I.e. Murder of babies=No. Sexual Immorality=No. Greed=No. Forcing the acceptance of sin=No. Etc.). I can't help but think of the book of Daniel and how they stood up to and refused to bow to the false god. That is how many of us see where we are today. Imagine someone telling Daniel to not do what he believes is right--oh wait, that is exactly what happened! LOL There is always a battle of right and wrong going on. And as the article stated, we often face the beast as a minority. But as we stand on His Word, on His power, God is on our side. And Truth will prevail. It may take years, constant prayer, but it will. In the meantime, we need to stop biting at one another and seek God's ways, His purposes. all while we love and forgive our brothers.
  • Cheryl Lankes

    Cheryl Lankes

    We must join forces and push back- when one goes to the 50 yard line to pray, we must all go with him. When one refuses to bake we must refuse as well. We will grow our numbers by being bold because the youth are looking for leadership and proof of Christ in us. Lord God help Del help us with more posts like this that challenge and inspire us. Just as we are the church we are also the country, the souls of which are intertwined, for this we must be BOLD.
  • Israel McCrery

    Israel McCrery

    Adding you to my prayer list Greg. Your lost sole has some searching to discover, and I can only guess you now think I'm a part of your anti-Christ zombies. 😂 Jesus and I are going have a lot to laugh about. Sorry, I really didn't have to say that. I'm now exiting this commentary, and looking forward to Dels next God given words.




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