My name is Del Tackett and I am a tour guide. Our tours aren’t of Glacier Bay or the Amazon River, although I would love to do that! They are tours that take us to the most breathless place possible: to gaze upon the face of God and to understand how His nature and character undergird all of reality. This site is for those who have been “awakened” by their encounters with God and His Truth. It is a place where I hope and pray you will find encouragement… maybe some prodding… maybe some equipping. It is a place for you to engage one another as you ponder the depths of who He is. My prayer is that it will bring us together and be a small part of moving the body of Christ toward increased health and strength… and to be the light and salt for which we have been made. Will you join our community today? Soli Deo Gloria! Del Tackett.


Engagement Project - Billings

Small Group Facilitator Training

June 6, 2020    Billings, MT

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Engagement Project - Des Moines

July 18, 2020

West Des Moines, IA

Engagement Project - Colorado Springs

August 29, 2020

Colorado Springs, CO

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