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by Del Tackett


Two Objects Before US

William Wilberforce is in my Hall of Faith. He isn’t listed in Hebrews 11, but I’m sure if it were written today, he would have made it. Before his conversion, he was living as an independently wealthy socialite. His wit and popularity and money got him elected as a Member of Parliament at the age of 21, but he was unfocused, disorganized and enjoying the life of a hedonist. All that changed when the Lord got a hold of him.

And that is when he began to smell the stench of the slave ships.

England was the center of the slave trade in the 1700 and 1800’s and a large part of their economy rested upon it. But a new heart brought a new nose and a new set of ears. The clinking of the chains on the slaves broke his heart. If you’ve seen the movie Amazing Grace, then you know the initial part of Wilberforce’s story. He labored for over 25 years, amid jeers and taunts, to end the slave trade. When Parliament finally voted to do so, the ones that had sneered him years before now rose to their feet in applause to honor him. He simply bowed his head upon his desk and wept.

But he wasn’t through. He then began the fight to free the slaves. That brought caustic opposition, scorn and death threats, but he persevered and labored for it the rest of his life. Three days before his death, the British Empire voted to free its slaves...all because of the dedicated service of a small, sickly man.

And all of this really began a few years after his conversion to Christ, when Wilberforce wrote the following,

“God has put before me two great objects: the abolition of the slave trade and the reformation of [morals].”

It became clear to him that his fight to end the slave trade would not succeed if it were not accompanied by a moral reformation within the English people.

I believe it was the Lord that gave him those two great objects and I also believe He is giving us the same…for our situation is similar and God’s principles don’t change. He desires righteousness in the people and righteousness in their rulers and in their laws.

Therefore, I sense that we, also, have two great objects before US:

  • Reformation of public policy
  • Reformation of the people

This is also why so many of the articles I have written of late seem to be so “political”. Contrary to some views within Neo-Christianity, just because unrighteousness happens to fall under the “political” label does not make it off limits to the believer’s voice and heart. It is the smooth talk of the enemy that has beguiled us into thinking otherwise.

I’ve heard all of the arguments that Christians are not to be engaged in political affairs.


Two of the biggest political activists of the Old Testament, Moses and Elijah, were the guys that Jesus brought back from the dead to stand with Him on the mount of Transfiguration. Moses was the great political activist that got into the face of Pharaoh and said, “You do wrong!” He then became the first and one of the most prominent political leaders of Israel. Elijah was the great political activist whose primary activity was to get into the face of Ahab and say, “You do wrong!” Jesus declared that the greatest man ever born of woman was John the Baptist…the guy who just happened to have gotten his head cut off because he dared to stand before the political leader of his day and say, “You do wrong!” Now we have Christians who think and teach that it is unbiblical to stand in the political arena and declare the same thing that virtually every prophet of the Old Testament declared in the face of their king, in their day.

It isn’t is inconvenient.

It is uncomfortable and it is unpopular. It puts one at the pointy end of jeers and taunts and name-calling and even death threats.

Wilberforce, even though he had every physical and social reason to pass on the task, did not.

Neither can we.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Matthew 5:6

This is what I am committed to and this is why I have this site and why I post what I do.

I will pursue these two great objects:

  • I will fight for righteousness in public policy and
  • I will fight for righteousness among the people…seeking revival and reformation.

All of our public policy efforts will be in vain if we don't see a revival within the people. Don't think that electing your guy into office is going to really change much. It may help, but it won't turn the nation around. As long as the public continues toward selfishness and immorality, laws and constitutions, as Daniel Webster said, are waste paper. It must be, and has to be, a restoring of the foundations, the return of the people to God and their repentance and moral walk. It is these things alone, that will pull this nation back from the sheer cliff before which she now stands. 

All of this has to begin with the Remnant. And it will be only through the Remnant that we will see righteousness return to our nation. And, prayerfully and hopefully, an awakening in those who need Christ…an awakening and a new heart like the one that radically changed an English playboy 250 years ago.





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  • Wessam Moffed

    Wessam Moffed

    I really love this article. From now on, I'll stand for truth amd truth only. I will stand for reformation and deep transformation of every kind. Thank you for everything.
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    Wessam, thank you, my friend. And you will not be alone, for we will be standing arm in arm. We are more than conquerors through Christ. Soli Deo Gloria.
  • Ray Gossen

    Ray Gossen

    faith in Jesus Christ to be salt and light in my world He can change the worlds though my actions. Christ will and does strengthen us if we speak for him in love ,we need to speak for the unborn it says it in scripture .I need prayer and faith to be salt and light to awake the remnant,so many seem don,t want to wake up. thanks for this .
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    Ray, this is a place where we can encourage one another and you have encouraged me. Thanks, brother. We will pray for one another to be that light and salt.
  • Matt Dooley

    Matt Dooley

    While I would welcome our next president to be a conservative Christian, a few new Supreme Court judges to be Christian and more members of Congress to be Christian, I think that is just window dressing and will not fundamentally change America. It is the foundation of this country that must change. What we need is a generation of solid believers who are able to discern the lies that Satan is putting in front of them. Believers who will change the culture of this country back to God. Satan is trying to rewrite history to remove all Christian aspects from it, to secularize it. We need young men and women who will not feel intimidated by college professors or teachers who dismiss their faith as ignorance. After having both gone through the Truth Project and True U, and then led a small group I am firmly committed to getting this message to all who will listen. Del, your work in this area is tremendous and I am sure that God is smiling as he sees the millions of lives you have impacted.
  • Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips

    Excellent article! I really believe that a great part of the problems our Nation now faces can be directly attributable to churches and church leaders who have abdicated their responsibility to truly be salt and light. Our churches our infected by political correctness which would have us never utter a word about abortion or an oppressive government which actively seeks to expunge Christianity from the public square! May the Lord forgive my lack of faith and tendency to despair! Thank you Del, for your encouraging articles!
  • Kevin Tebedo

    Kevin Tebedo

    Great piece Del. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your position on Christians in public policy. I totally agree that we must work to change men's hearts. But being a light means working in the dark. Who needs light where there is no darkness?
  • Regina Brown

    Regina Brown

    The story of William Wilberforce should be required learning at every educational, spiritual and business level. If knowledge of his efforts and what he did were actually in public dialogue, I believe that it would, definitely could, change the whole dialogue and American slavery. For decades our culture has been spoon fed the lie that America is the great enslaver. The founding of America continued William Wilberforce's great work.
  • Elaine Grenon

    Elaine Grenon

    I stood for truth in the 60's and I will today. It is true, we can't have change until the people of our country see the need for the Lord and the return to Judao-Christian values and morals. We have some good candidates for president, but they must be willing to put their trust in the Lord to stand for truth as Presidents Lincoln and Reagen did. The article was encouraging. Pray for our nation
  • Kevin Tebedo

    Kevin Tebedo

    Thank you Del for this courageous post. It is one thing to stand in the dark and turn on the light of truth and be met with screams of the wicked to put out the light, and quite another to hear the voices of our fellow believers demanding the light be snuffed out. Evil struts about in the halls of power and influence.




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