Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Mt. St. Helens Filming, Day 1

I am in the state of Washington to film part of a 90-minute documentary that we are nominally calling “Is Genesis History?”

We already filmed one of numerous segments in the dinosaur digs at Hanson Ranch in Wyoming and now we are looking at the incredible destruction and geological formations created rapidly by the volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980.

On May 18 at 8:32 am, an avalanche caused 3.3 billion tons of earth that had been bulging on the side of the mountain to slide away, exposing the forces pent up beneath it. The 1700-degreee magna, which had been pushing up for months, had a layer of “super-critical” water between it and the surface. When that surface fell away, the water exploded in a steam blast with the force of 20 million tons of TNT, destroying about 150 square mile, 57 lives, trees, wildlife and anything else in its path.

This was followed by mud and pyroclastic flows which reshaped the surrounding features of what used to be a vast, lush forest. The forces at Mt. St. Helens that were on display for us to witness and record, have introduced evidence that the standard geological story that I was taught and most likely you were taught, has to be revisited.

I’ll try to give you a picture of that evidence over the several days that we are here.

Stay tuned!



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  • Kenneth Dormer

    Kenneth Dormer

  • Veronica Waldow

    Veronica Waldow

    Can't wait to see the documentary!
  • Jo Robbins

    Jo Robbins

    I too am anxiously anticipating your video as we really need more truth in our world and to rethink the current culture position as "scientific" for embracing evolution when it is merely conjectural anecdotal observation. Thank you for this series of posts Dr Tackett!
  • Jim Cooper

    Jim Cooper

    I am thankful for the large dose of truth poured into our culture and thousands of individual lives by "Is Genesis History". It is inspiring and refreshing to see courage displayed by leaders who are willing to stand for truth regardless of the prevailing views of the current scientific establishment. The Moody Blues probably didn't have this application in mind when they put this on one of their albums but it certainly fits well. "Face piles of trials with smiles for it riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave and keep on thinking free". As Jesus said," The truth shall set you free" and I believe that includes truth found in the realm of science as well. All truth is Gods' and it all belongs to Him.




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