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Grand Canyon Filming 3

We have hiked even deeper in to the Hualapai Reservation to look at a bed of nautiloid fossils.

A nautiloid is a squid-like creature that lived in a long cone-shaped shell. They were predators and could reach four feet in length. Although they don’t exist today, they were prevalent at the time of the flood. Dr. Austin led us to one of his favorite places where he had found 21 nautiloids exposed in a flat rock layer of the upper Redwall Limestone.

Here are two pictures that I took. One shows the cone end of a nautiloid fossilized in a horizontal position. You can clearly see its segments and the central tube was even preserved. The second was really interesting to me because it is a nautiloid fossilized in a vertical position.

Think about this.

The conventional story is that fossils come about when creatures die, sink to the bottom of the ocean, and are then buried slowly by a gradual sedimentation deposition. Imagine how a four-foot nautiloid could be suspended vertically for thousands, if not millions of years, as sediment was slowly building up around it so that it could be eventually fossilized.

That is crazy.

The only explanation is that this nautiloid had to be buried rapidly. In fact, it is the argument for virtually all of the fossils…any of the fossils. When a creature dies, it decomposes rapidly or it is scavenged. It doesn’t remain intact for weeks, let alone years. If it is to be preserved by fossilization, it has to be buried quickly and catastrophically.

Dr. Austin has been studying the nautiloid fossils for a long time and he stated that about one in seven are in a vertical position. Not only that, but they all seem to be oriented in a similar direction. All of the ones we saw, other than the vertical one, were parallel to each other. Dr. Austin believes this indicates that the nautiloids were being tumbled in a mudflow until it eventually came to rest and they were “frozen” in the positions we now see them. He believes there are billions of nautiloids buried throughout the Grand Canyon.

How could all of this happen?

The best paradigm is the catastrophic flood that is recorded in Genesis.

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  • Mick O'Brien

    Mick O'Brien

    Havasu Falls on the Hualapai Reservation is on my backpack bucket list. When I get there the fossils will be another thing to experience of God's General Revelation. Del, thanks for sharing this amazing adventure with us as it unfolds for you.
  • Del Tackett

    Del Tackett

    Thanks, Mick. It has been awesome. I pray you get there soon. Find a way to float the Colorado on the 7 day trip if you can. Nothing like it in the world. Blessings.
  • Jay Hobbs

    Jay Hobbs

    I am reading these with my 13-yr old son.I has wanted to be a paleontologist for the last 6 yrs or so. A few weeks ago, he said that he was uncertain if he would pursue paleontology or archaeology. Both choices are a bit uncommon, so I asked him why either appealed to him recently. He said so that he would be in a position to better prove the reliability of the Bible. Naturally, apologetics is one of my passions, but I he has never been one to adopt my specific views.(i.e.He is not one of those boys who talks about how he wants to grow up to be just like his dad.) In fact, he has some different views than I even in regard to creation, but we hold those views loosely, since they are not at the crux of our faith. Thanks for your articles.




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