My wife and I traveled to Kansas City for The Truth Project training. It was awesome. Leaving the training we were determined to go back home and start a group study with others. Over the next seven years we facilitated this class with five different adult groups; but I must admit the most exciting group I went through The Truth Project with was a group of 10-home schooled high school young men. It was amazing how much they interacted  and discussed after watching the video! How did the Truth Project impacted my walk with God? It did so in many different ways! It so cleanly demonstrated  that how we filter the four "pillars" that Del talked about and the worldview we embrace, will ultimately determine how we live out our lives through Church, Family, God & Man,the State, Labor and Community.


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  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    Nile, thank you for sharing your fact, I remember very clearly the Kansas City training! What a blessing to hear how The Truth Project impacted the 10 young men being home schooled...