Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


Filming Is Genesis History II: Rise of Mountains-Grand Canyon

I am headed to Grand Canyon this coming week to film another segment for Is Genesis History II: The Rise of Mountains. I will meet Dr. Steve Austin and Compass Cinema's Thomas Purifoy in Phoenix and we will then drive to the Canyon. One segment will be filmed from a helicopter and the others in the Canyon itself. I am really excited about this next film especially because of some new evidence that I think will be more compelling than the soft dinosaur tissue. We will be asking the question: what was the world like when Noah stepped off of the boat? It certainly wasn't like the pictures in our children's books with a giraffe eating leaves and the world looking quite lovely. In reality, Noah stepped into exactly what it was: a destroyed earth that was still trembling with plate tectonics, massive earthquakes and volcanoes, hot oceans, ice age, etc. It was not a pretty picture!


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  • Marte Kellogg

    Marte Kellogg

    And not many people. Can you imagine being the only 8 people left on earth. The earth didn't split until Peleg, 5 generations later, about 100-200 years after the flood. Can hardly wait for your new film.
  • Joey Martin

    Joey Martin

    not going to lie...I'm super excited to see this movie. Del, if you want to take me along on your travels, you just let me know!




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