What happens when we gaze upon the face of God?

When we draw near to God and contemplate His divine nature, it exposes us, as it did Isaiah. But it also awakens us to His Truth, which transforms us and calls us to engage the world around us, seeking to restore the Truth of God in all areas of life.


Every member of the Body of Christ needs to have a solid, comprehensive and systematic biblical worldview foundation. This area is dedicated to help you do that through small group studies and a growing network of worldview content.


God has designed the fundamental social spheres of human life. When we live according to His design, even in a fallen world, they should produce a blessing. When we defy His design, it results in the most heart-breaking tragedies. This future area will challenge the believer to become involved in restoring some aspect of God’s design in one of a multitude of social pathologies that are destroying people’s lives and their cultures.

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